The online casinos are not the same as the online slot games. The online casino has a live dealer, and it is only for gaming and entertainment purposes. The online slot games are for entertainment purposes only and are all about luck. The online slot machines have amazing graphics and sound with 3D effects.

The online slots can be played from any part of the world in your home, and you are not required to move from your home for that.Online casino games are very complicated, and one needs to have good knowledge about them.It is difficult to play in a casino, but if you are going through some loss, then it is even more difficult to handle.

That’s why most people play in the comfort of their homes while playing slots games, as they get to win more often than not. The various types of games are also an exciting feature of online casinos such as Slot77. So here, in the below-mentioned points, we will discuss different types of online casino games.


This is also a casino game, and this is mostly found in European casinos. The bonus lies on the ball, which has to roll into any slot on the roulette table so as to win some prize money.

But if the ball lands in one of the black slots, then you lose all your money deposited so far in that round of roulette gambling. There are only 37 slots on the table, and it is the reason for the name of this gambling game. The ball lands on the spinning roulette wheel, and you have to place your bets.


The card game that involves card counting is called blackjack. But, in live casinos, one isn’t allowed to carry cards from one round to another round. It’s against the rules set by the management. In places like Las Vegas or Macau, you can find casinos allowing you to carry cards from one round to another.

The game of blackjack is always changing, and so is its rulebook. There are many different methods of card counting, so it is important that you know the rules to rule them all.


Online poker is one of the biggest trends in gambling. It’s popular because of its many variations and the different types of games that you can play via the internet. Poker goes by a variety of names, but they all basically have the same rules.

Players are dealt cards, which they use to make their best possible “hand” in order to win money from other players. There are many variants of poker, but here are some examples.


Baccarat is named after the French region where it originated. It has a very simple and straightforward goal: win more money than you lose. The game of baccarat is played with two to nine players, divided into two teams. Each player sits in front of an 18-sided wheel known as a “baccara.” Gamblers bet on the value of their cards.

At the end of each round, a banker deals all player’s cards simultaneously, hoping to win at least a predetermined amount of money from players who believe that their hands are stronger than those of their opponents. The banker always wins money from gamblers who bet on low values and loses money from gamblers who bet on high values.


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