For the vast majority of businesses, the past year has been challenging. However, it has provided a few people rare opportunities. One example is the internet gaming industry. Long the term “lockdown” used outside prison walls, these platforms were already gaining traction. But when their brick-and-mortar rivals forced to close their doors and the world’s gamblers left with little to do but sit at home staring at their phones, the visitor numbers skyrocketed with the hokiwin.

Why Do Live Dealers Get Used in Online Casinos?

Since the late 1990s, online casino gaming has been cutting-edge automated technology. To ensure that games like online blackjack accurately reflect the dealing and shuffling of cards, developers generators (RNGs). These hokiwin games essentially transform a manual process into a computer one. Live dealer technology is gaining traction, even though digital casino games are still the most popular choice at all online gambling sites.

Digital wheels and cards with microchips

The card decks used in live dealer casino games will chip. It means the dealer deals, shuffles, and responds to a player’s request with the card outcomes immediately processed and transmitted in real time to your smartphone. In live casinos, wheels like the Roulette wheel frequently digitalized, allowing for instantaneous results streaming to you. Wheels are employed, but because a Random Number Generator (RNG) produces results more quickly, it is frequently relied on to maintain gaming as seamless, compelling and immersive as possible.

Driven by technology, innovation

Modern streaming technologies use live casinos to provide the most realistic experience possible. Let’s examine a few particular features:

OCR programmes

A lot focus currently placed on optical character recognition in sectors like the processing data in the insurance or medical industries. However, it has long been a part of live casino technology, used to monitor card symbols, numbers on the roulette wheel, and other things. It implies that data can obtained quickly and winners can announce.

More robust cameras

More than just a single image of a croupier dealing from a deck of cards is necessary to make you feel involved in the activity. The greatest live games use several cameras, each with a distinct angle on the action. It is the equivalent of sitting down at the gaming table and soaking in your surroundings.

A game controller

It is the thread that connects everything. Each table includes a Game Control Unit that handles the encoding, guaranteeing that you receive your live feed promptly and with the best quality possible.

Monitor for a studio

The live casino atmosphere must provide for two-way interaction. The dealer can speak to you while being mic’d up, but you’ll need to text in a chat box to respond. You can have fun because your messages shown on a monitor in the dealer’s line of sight.


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