Many online casinos offer an extensive selection of slot machines as well as poker. Slot machines are simple to comprehend and operate and are of the highest quality. There are some terms associated with slot machines which are essential for beginners in the field of gaming to understand. Therefore, we’ve developed the glossary of slot terms and definitions for every term, when you are looking to play สล็อตแตกง่าย slots.

234 Ways:

It’s a machine of the slot type that does not have paylines. The symbols have to be placed on the reels, either from right to left or left to right in order for the combo to pay out.

1024 Ways:

A 10-way slot machine comes with an additional row of symbols, compared to a 234-way machine. The machine is able to win more combinations made by the four columns as well as five reels of สล็อตแตกง่าย.

3-reel slot machines:

It’s a kind of machine that rotates the symbols over three columns. A 3-reel slot has 33 grids, or three rows and three reels, and is a classic.

Payline that is active:

In certain games of the slot machine players have the option of deciding which paylines are responsible for determining winning combinations. If a winning combination is seen on an active payline the payline is the winnings.

Bonus game:

A feature of the slot machine game that’s not free spins, is this. It may resemble a click-and-click slot game, Bonus wheel spinning, or even a mini-game based on skill.

Bonus features:

In addition to the payout mechanism, there are other features that are included in slot machine games. Re-spins and Wilds that be grew, cascade, or stick, and also free spins are just some of the features that are available.

Cold slot:

This expression originated in the days when machines were able to store the equivalent of a certain amount of money before they began paying out. Because of the RNG software, the majority of slot machines are no longer affected by this problem however, the term is frequently used in reference to jackpots which often have a pattern in the size and frequency of their winnings.

Demo game:

It’s also referred to as demo play, or free play and allows players to try out the game without needing to make a deposit or, in certain cases you can even open an account with a gambling. To find out how different features work and to gain an understanding of how often the machine pays out, players is able to play the slot at no cost without having to cash out any winnings.

Local jackpot:

A local jackpot is increased when players of a specific casino are involved in the jackpot. The jackpot slot could be at multiple casinos, however when it’s a local jackpot only bets made by the casino’s players contribute to the prize pool.


It is the multiplier that is used to increase the odds of winning. A multiplier used in a game can be played by itself or with certain symbols. The odds of winning can be dramatically increased with multipliers.


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