If you are a beginner at playing Pokémon, go games, then it is very important for you to know some hidden tips. This game is a very popular game globally because it will be accessible by using GPS. It is free for you to install and download them either on your android device or in the iOS version. The main agenda is to collect and catch all the Pokémon so that you will get more candies and level up to 2x tier. There are so many Pokémon through which it might become a little bit complicated for you to complete all the missions. You need to battle up with all other Pokémon so that spawning will become easier for you. There are some important things and hidden tricks which one should know before they start playing this game.

Things to keep in mind as:

Pokemon go accounts for sale through which you will get candies and Pokémon for reaching a higher level. Also, it is beneficial for you to use curve balls, throws as well as berries so that your game strategy will become straightforward. You can also capture monsters through which throwing curveballs will occur. Feeding all the monsters and wild Pokémon is important because it will boost up all your chances.

You need to catch them so that using candies will become easier while catching all the Pokémon nearby. You might be wondering that how to catch a Pokémon and get candy through it. Such that for doing this, you will need a Pokémon further.

Evolve Pokémon:

You need to depict all the things in a traditional manner so that evolving Pokémon go will power up. When you capture a Pokémon, then it will help you in earning more and more candies. Later on, these candies will be used for feeding all the wild Pokémon out there. Through this, you will be able to increase the overall combat power so that capturing and using Pokémon will become easier. There are some best ways through which you will be able to catch and then release Pokémon.

Using poke stops and gyms while playing:

When you are playing the game, then using poke stops and gyms will also help you to explore all the surroundings. It with provide you with a real landmark as well as a location through which you will do the mapping. With gyms, towers will be remembered so that you can do battling and leave the Pokémon. By defending, it will become easier for you to knock out Pokémon so that you will receive XP.

The use of raid battles:

There are basically four tiers through which raid battles will be formed, for example, using a one-star raid, three-star, five star and mega raids. By using them, featuring Pokémon will be typically possible through which you can team up easily. You need to form a team so that all the players will be considered here as a reason, and it will also help in joining all the raids too.