If you have decided to play ป๊อกเด้ง online and have started hunting for safe sites. However, there are thousands of sites available on the web. How can you differentiate between these number of sites to find the site that is perfect for you? 

Before you start hunting for the site, there are several vital points that you should keep in mind to find the desired site. If you understand these key points, you will be able to make comparisons between the different sites.

Free Pokdeng

If you are new to ป๊อกเด้ง or want to play it just for enjoyment, not for winning actual money, then you can play on free websites. However, you must ensure that the sites you are going through must work for free. Unfortunately, most of the pokdeng sites do not serve free pokdeng playing.

Software vs Web-based

Most of the pokdeng websites are web-based, which means they allow playing pokdeng from your browser. However, some of the sites may ask you to download client software from your computer. If you are advised to download the software, you must check for a web-based alternative to that site. In addition, downloading the software to play pokdeng has the risk of virus loading to your computer. 

If you have a slow internet connection,  then you can go for software installation as it requires low speed. If you are not much concerned about the security of your system, then you can go for a software-based pokdeng game.

Deposits and Withdrawal

If you want to earn real money from pokdeng, you should first consider that site’s deposit and withdrawal method. The mechanism of depositing money that most of these sites follow is through credit cards. However, some of the sites also permit the methods like net banking through checks and eWallets.

You should look at two things while depositing your money on the site. First, Is it legitimate to withdraw money from that site ?Second,  what are the taxes and fees associated with the withdrawals?


The most important thing while choosing a Pokdeng site is to check how many types of support the site offers. Most sites generally provide only two types of support: chat support and Email support. However, it would be best to go for sites that provide telephonic and fax support. The more support a site offers, the more legit the site is.

Variety of Games

Sites offer several types of pokdeng games, such as Five and Seven Card Stud,  Blackjack and Tournaments. In addition, most of the sites offer several tournaments with large pool prizes. As tournaments are a major attraction for players, some sites offer fishy tournaments so players must avoid falling into an trap.


Rake is the amount of money a pokdang site takes from all players. One must always pay attention to the amount a pokdeng site takes. The weighted Contribution rake method is used by most of the sites to determine the amount of rake. There is also another method called the Average Contribution method that some pokdeng websites use. It would help if you considered those websites which are taking a lower rake amount.


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