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I’m happy you’ve found my blog Food & Photos around the world. I’m Stef, a twenty-someting globetrotter from Germany. As far as I remember, I have always loved to travel, first with my family, then with friends and also solo.
During my studies, I did internships on the Canary Island Fuerteventura and in Argentina and studied two semesters in the UK. I’d say that my immense wanderlust and curiosity for new food, experience and cultures truly emerged when I lived in Argentina for three months as it was my first real solo trip.
I love having the freedom to decide what I want to do, meeting new people every day as well as the constant change and continuous learning while on the road.


Atuel Canyon, Argentina

To travel is simply to live.


Queen Victoria Market Melbourne, Australia

After my studies, I decided with two of my friends there, that it isn’t time to already work for the rest of my life. I was 21 and couldn’t imagine to sit in an office for the next 40 years and more. So we decided to go to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. After working for half a year back in Germany to save some money beforehand, we headed to Sydney in the end of 2011 and spent Christmas on St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne, worked in a country pub in the middle of nowhere and I then continued travelling solo in Australia, New Zealand and the Yasawa Islands in Fiji.


After coming back I have started working as a project assistant in an IT company. So a usual office job. Due to the fact that I travelled a lot without much time for recreation during the last three months in Australia, I had a travel burn out. I was happy to have a settled life and routine again. As soon as that kind of burn out left me, the travel bug was stronger than ever before. I used all my days off to travel within Europe, Argentina, Chile and Morocco. I had noticed that something important to me was missing in my life. I didn’t follow my heart. Some months passed, with a lot of thinking of what to do. Fear came from all sides but finally I realised what I want to do in my life, at least for now.

Making experiences is more important to me than working in an office all week long to pay bills for an apartment I hardly spend time in and to buy crap I don’t really need.

In February 2014, I gave notice at work and stopped working there in July.


Sintra, Portugal

I started to work location independent while doing a work exchange on the Galapagos Islands for three months.

Now, I am working as a freelancer for almost two years and have never looked back. My decision led me to amazing countries within Central and South America. I work from wherever I want and even though I often work more hours than in my old job, I love what I do and do not regret a thing.

Last year I made it to Mexico where I met my boyfriend. So I’m not on the road all the time. I have my base here in Mexico, go traveling whenever I want to, take my work with me and live a kind of expat life in a country I truly fell in love with. I couldn’t have been happier.

With this blog, I want to inspire you that overcoming your fears to make your dreams come true is worth it. I want to help you to find a way and give you tips how to be able to travel long-term.

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