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Bucket list alert: 72 ideas what you can learn during your travels.

Travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. (Miriam Beard).

During your travels, you are free to do whatever you want. You usually have a lot more time than you usually have during your normal life with a working routine. In my opinion, this is the time of your life to learn new skills. Whether it is an important skill or something “small” you always wanted to learn. So use this time wisely and learn as much as you can during your travels.

General skills

1. Learn the language of your destination.
If you are following me a while, you know that’s important to me. Learning the language of your destination makes your travel experience a whole better as you can communicate with locals and they tend to be friendlier to people who make an effort with their local language.

2. Take part in a cooking class.
Learn how to cook typical dishes of the countries you’re traveling to.

3. Learn to surf.

4. Get a dive certificate.
Whether it’s just the open water dive certificate or you’re going to do the course up to your dive master, it doesn’t matter. Get to know the spectacular underwater world of this planet.

Get a dive certificate

Get a dive certificate

5. Learn to snorkel.
If you are afraid of diving, at least try out snorkeling. There are shallow reefs all over the world, so you can easily see exotic fish while just snorkeling.

6. Learn juggling.

7. Learn rock climbing.

8. Improve your photography skills.
During your trip, you’ll probably take a lot of photos. Why not use this time to learn more about photography, so your photos will be more than just normal snapshots.

9. Learn to write in calligraphy.

10. Learn how to braid hair.

11. Learn how to draw (portraits).

12. Learn to sew and/or knit.

13. Learn to bake bread from scratch.

14. Learn yoga.
I actually never did yoga in Germany but during my trips I find it nice to go one or a couple of classes to move and stretch my body a bit. Additionally, yoga classes often take place in astonishing surroundings.

15. Learn to read star constellations.
Sleep outside, in the middle of nowhere and ask locals or use an app to read star constellations.

16. Learn to navigate with a compass.
Nowadays we depend a lot on map apps which show us directly where we have to go to not get lost. But do you actually know how to use a compass? A trip to a national park or forest might be a great idea to start learning that skill.

16. Learn how to start a bonfire.

17. Learn how to pitch a tent on your first camping trip.

Camping in Tulum, Mexico

Camping in Tulum, Mexico

18. Learn how to mix drinks.
Take part in a bartending class.

19. Learn barista skills.
Do you love coffee? Then why not learn how to make more than just usual filtered coffee.

20. Learn to read tarot cards.
It might be fun to learn how to read the future. Whether you believe in it or not.

21. Learn how to repair a car/change a tire.
An essential skill when going on a road trip.

On a road trip in Portugal

On a road trip in Portugal

22. Learn how to do a backflip.

23. Learn to edit videos.
Videos are a great memory of your trip. Record videos of your experience and learn to edit them accordingly.

24. Learn to bargain.
Another important skill for traveling as people will always try to rip you off.

25. Learn hacky-sack skills.

26. Learn how to do henna tattoos.

27. Learn to meditate.

28. Learn to dance a typical dance of your destination.
It might be salsa, tango, merengue, bachata or maybe even belly dancing?

29. Learn a (typical) instrument.
You want to learn how to play the didjeridu, drums or the ukulele? Or maybe you just want to learn how to play the guitar. Use the time you have on your travels to learn a new instrument.

30. Learn to ski or snowboard.

31. Learn to play chess.
In a lot of countries, old men are sitting outside playing chess. Would you love to hear their stories? Learn to play chess and join them. They will be more likely to talk to you about their lives when you’re “one of them”.

32. Learn wake boarding.

33. Learn how to sail.
And sail around the world?

Sail boat in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Sail boat in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

34. Learn skateboarding or BMX biking tricks.

35. Learn speed reading.

36. Learn how to code.
And build a website talking about your travels so your friends and family back home know what you’re up to.

37. Improve your writing skills.
Coming with building a website, you want to share the stories of your travels. Do so regularly and improve your writing skills.

38. Learn (ice) skating.

39. Learn windsurfing.

My first windsurfing class in Germany

My first windsurfing class in Germany

40. Learn how to make your own jewelry.

41. Learn how to ride a horse.
Or even learn cowboy skills?

42. Learn how to open a coconut yourself.
And get one from the palm tree above your head?!

Skydiving in New Zealand

Skydiving in New Zealand

51. Learn to parasail.

52. Master origami.

53. Learn to ride a motorcycle in crowded streets.

54. Make pasta from scratch.

55. Run every day and take part in your first marathon or 10k.

Learning while volunteering

56. Teach English.
Learn to become an English teacher, a teacher for another language or teach necessary skills to people who really want to learn.

57. Help wildlife research organizations, sanctuaries.
Do you like animals? Why not volunteer for a wildlife organization or sanctuary?

58. Support marine conservation.
There is a lot to be done in the sector of marine conservation. So go, learn something new and help our environment.

59. Care for a child.
Work as a nanny or volunteer in an orphanage for a while to help children in need.

Life skills

60. Improve your small talk skills.
While traveling, you’ll talk to a lot of strangers. The best way to improve your small talk skills for future jobs or generally in life.

61. Learn how to travel light.
Traveling with a lot of baggage is extremely exhausting. Travel long-term and you’ll learn what you really need and what is unnecessary.

62. Learn how to relax.
An important skill, a lot of people aren’t capable of. They are always on the run, having to do this and that. Knowing how to relax is important to recharge your batteries. So once in a while, turn off your wifi, read a book, lay in the sun and enjoy some freedom.

Relaxing in a hammock

Relaxing in a hammock

63. Learn how to be grateful.
People often forget to be grateful and take it as a given what others do for them. Be grateful for the moments you experience on your trip. Start your own gratitude journal and just write one or two sentences every evening about what you’re grateful for today.

64. Learn that experience matter more than things.
During normal life, people rather collect things than memories. On a long-term trip, you learn how little you actually need to be happy. Make experiences that make yourself grow.

65. Learn how to be on your own.
As a solo traveler, you always meet people but there will be times you’re on your own. Learn how to deal with being on your own and be yourself your best company.

66. Learn how to make friends everywhere.
There are days, you might want to be on your own and others you want to be among other people. While traveling, you’ll learn the skill how to make short-term or even long-term friends wherever on earth you are.

67. Learn to be more spontaneous.
Things never happen as planned. Clocks tick differently in other countries and cultures and you might change a plan in the blink of an eye.

68. Learn to be patient.
You will wait…a lot sometimes. You lost a plane, you’re bus is late, you have to wait for check in or a tour to start. Traveling usually involves a lot of waiting, so learn to be patient.

69. Learn to stay optimistic in bad situations.
Travel is not always easy. You will get into situations you don’t see an exit right away. Learn how to stay positive even in those situations. There is always an exit even though you don’t see it at the first sight. Hope and thinking positively often created new opportunities in the past for me. Don’t worry too much and be convinced that everything will turn out to be good. A new door of opportunities will be opening up soon.

70. Learn to follow your gut feeling.
Many times you will have to decide what to do or whether you can trust someone. I learned that my gut feeling is almost always right. I took risks thanks to that feeling that led me to where I am today. You should do the same to see where it leads you.

71. Learn to appreciate the small moments.
Appreciate a sunset, a tasty meal, a new friend you made. It doesn’t have to be that once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s the small moments that often make your experience a special one.

Appreciate the small moments: A sunset in Costa Rica

Appreciate the small moments: A sunset in Costa Rica

72. Learn to live the life you want.
You will find out what matters to you and what isn’t as important as you thought. Get rid off the parts of your life that don’t make you happy. And live the life according to your dreams.

What would you love to learn or have learned on your travels?

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72 ideas what you can learn during your travels

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