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Why Tanzania is the king of adventure travel in Africa

Tanzania is an adventure traveler’s dream come true. God loved Tanzania so much that he put together the perfect mix of travel experiences and blessed the great nation with it. There aren’t many destinations that offer so many opportunities for fun adventure activities such as Tanzania.

A number of people miss out on most of these activities by just limiting their itinerary to a classic safari and Zanzibar. By doing this, they experience just a small portion of what Tanzania has in store for adventure lovers.

Tanzania Adventure Travel

Are you up for an adventure? Travel to Tanzania!

If you plan your trip well and have enough time to really tour Tanzania, you’ll be treated to an experience of a lifetime. Here are some of the activities you should consider adding to your list if you do make it to Tanzania.

Go on a classic Safari

Tanzania is best known as a world-class safari destination. In fact, according to a survey by Safari Bookings, it is the best destination for an African Safari. If you do make it to Tanzania for a safari and choose a good Tanzania tour operator to take you around, you are guaranteed some of the best safari experiences in the world.

You can go to the expansive Serengeti which offers unparalleled game viewing with endless grasslands that stretch to the horizon as your background. Or you can head on to the breathtaking Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It has the world’s largest intact caldera and houses the highest density of animals per square mile you’ll ever encounter anywhere in a natural habitat.

Tanzania Adventure Travel: go on a safari

Go on a safari

While still in the north, you can sample the amazing sceneries in Lake Manyara National Park and the Tarangire. With a bit of luck, you can have a once in a lifetime experience here. You might see a herd of a couple of hundred elephants at once as several animals converge at the Tarangire River during the dry seasons. It is just amazing.

The Western and Southern circuit offer equally interesting things to do with amazing national parks and game reserves like the Selous and Ruaha.

Summit the world’s tallest walkable mountain

Standing tall at 19,341 ft (5,895m), Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain. It is also the world’s tallest walkable mountain and can be climbed by almost anyone who is reasonably fit and healthy. No special equipment is needed.

Summiting the Kilimanjaro can take anything from 5 to 10 days depending on the route taken and the time you choose to take to acclimatize to the various conditions.

Most tour companies offering Kilimanjaro climbs are based in Moshi Town in the Kilimanjaro region. The rates are very affordable and can be as low as $900.

Tanzania Adventure Travel: climb Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro

Experience a wonder of the world – the migration

The great wildebeest migration is the holy grail of safari experiences. Every year, more than 1.5 million wildebeests and zebras migrate in Tanzania’s Serengeti to and from Kenya’s Masai Mara.

It is a sight to behold. With no definite leader, the 1.5 million animals split into splinter herds spread across the Serengeti. Were they to come together in one herd, the migration could cover nearly half of the expansive Serengeti!

To top it all, you can experience this on a hot air balloon. Doing so, you will get unhindered views of what can accurately be called a wonder of the world. Without compromising on your accommodation, you are able to sleep in mobile camps. Those mobile luxury tented camps allow you to follow the migration comfortably.

Swim with whale sharks

Did you know that you can swim with whale sharks in Tanzania? If you make it to Tanzania’s Mafia Island in the Indian Ocean between the months of October and March, you can fulfill your dreams of swimming with the largest fish in the sea.

Whale sharks can grow up to 20 meters. Despite their size, they are actually harmless to humans. They have no teeth as they are filter feeders.

Mafia Island has great tour operators that offer safe and responsible whale shark encounters. Your lodge or resort will probably be running one of such tours.

Tanzania Adventure Travel: swim with whale sharks

Swim with whale sharks

Best diving spots in East Africa

While in Tanzania, fans of diving and snorkeling will have access to some of Africa’s best diving spots. Visibility is great most time of the year. Diving conditions are generally optimal from July all the way through to March the following year.

There are excellent diving spots in Zanzibar, Laven Bank to the North of Zanzibar, Mafia Island and Pemba. Diving sites for both beginners and advanced divers are available.

Unparalleled Cultural Tours

Cultural tours will allow you to experience the hospitality and charm of the local population. Your tour can take anything from half a day to as long as you want. A visit to a traditional Masai village can be eye-opening as they lead a simple uncluttered life that is just as fulfilling as it is fascinating.

You can combine your tour with visits to remote attractions like waterfalls and beautiful forests that are off the path of a traditional safari.

Track chimpanzees in Mahale

I told you Tanzania can’t be beaten when it comes to adventure. You can add another dimension to your adventurous side by visiting Mahale Mountains National Park which is home to some of Africa’s last remaining wild chimpanzees.

The terrain can be rough but finally meeting these primates in their natural habitat will more than a compensation for the trek. Watching them play, comb and scratch each other, feed and care for each other as though they were human is one of those experiences you’d want to relive forever.

And finally, unwind at a pristine white sandy beach

When you are done with the high energy adrenaline-filled experiences, you want to escape to the beautiful Zanzibar Island to soak in some sun and cool breeze from the Indian Ocean. Beautiful beaches adorn the coastline so you’ll definitely enjoy your stay here.

Tanzania white sandy beaches

Enjoy the beaches

The island has several world-class beach hotels and resorts which can serve as the best spots to unwind after traversing mainland Tanzania.

Who would love to travel to Tanzania? What would be your favorite activity to do there?

This post was written by Gonza Ochiel from Tanzania Safari Advisor.

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