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Why Travel Might Just Be the Key to Happiness

Incomes these days are dropping while costs for just about everything are skyrocketing.  Our wages can’t keep up with inflation.  So when it comes to figuring out where to spend your hard-earned dollar, you might have a hard time feeling like you can justify taking a trip.  Shouldn’t you use that money to buy a possession which you can use forever instead of enjoying a fleeting experience?

The thing is, that is not necessarily the key to being a happier person. Research shows that buying experiences can actually contribute more to our happiness than buying things.  We tend to forget that the joy of taking a trip starts long before we board the plane and persists long after we come home.

In fact, travel is an experience which changes us.  When we return home, we see our homes and our possessions in a new light.  We apply the lessons we learned to how we live and work.  We question our assumptions and become more accepting of others.  We expand our horizons and discover more that we can be.

If you are struggling to save up for your next trip, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your costs, like participating in a travel rewards program or traveling off-season.  Here’s a list of ideas to save money you can put toward travel and experiences.

Still need more convincing that experiences, and not more possessions, are the key to happiness?  Check out this infographic from InvestmentZen!

If you want to be happy, spend money on experiences, not things

Via: InvestmentZen.com

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