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Self-guided walking tour: Guadalajara, Mexico (Part 2: Chapultepec)

Today we are going to explore another part of Guadalajara. We will be going from the historical center to the famous avenue Chapultepec. I recommend you to do this walking tour on a Sunday as that’s Guadalajara’s Recreational Sunday. A lot of streets you are walking along this day will be closed for cars. People are biking or inline skating along those streets. You will maybe find people doing zumba, playing basketball or doing fitness outside.
So, if you are in the city on a Sunday, do this walking tour on a Sunday morning to make the most out of this walking tour.

Self-guided walking tour: Chapultepec neighborhood, Guadalajara

Starting Point: Mercado Corona
Ending Point: San Francisco Garden
Walking distance: 7.7 km

1. Mercado Corona

Grab some breakfast in the Corona Market to start your day on the right foot. If you want to try something typical from Guadalajara, eat a Torta Ahogada (meat sandwich in tomato sauce) or a Pozole (corn soup).

2. Calle Coronilla

If you would like a coffee as well, get one at Café Finca Riveroll in Calle Coronilla.

We are heading to this pedestrian street to see a piece of street art on the Cantina Lupita. The famous Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are welcoming you to Guadalajara. If you have time, you should check out this bar as well, it opens at 12 PM from Tuesday to Saturday.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Cantina Lupita

Cantina Lupita

3. Parque Revolución

Head south to Av. Juarez and you will quickly have Revolution Park to your left and to your right. During the recreational Sunday, this park is very busy. People are doing hula hoop, slack line, fitness or are just passing the park by bike.

On other days it’s probably quieter, but still a park worth to check out. The park is also called Parque Rojo (Red Park) as all banks, fountains and recreational areas are painted in red. It is a good place to rest, meet or watch other people and do something active.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Parque Revolucion

Parque Revolución

4. Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento

To get to this temple, we are passing Guadalajara’s university. A nice piece of architecture. In front of the university building, you will find a wall with different pieces of street art.

You will pass the Rambla Cataluna which received this name in 2004 in honor of the guest country of Guadalajara’s book fair. Find a sculpture of San Jordi by an artist from Barcelona.
Universidad de Guadalajara.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Universidad de Guadalajara

Universidad de Guadalajara

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Hummingbird street art

Hummingbird street art

At the end of the the Rambla, you will see the big temple. The church was constructed in different stages between 1897 and 1972. Breaks took place due to the Revolution period and Cristero War.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento

Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento

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5. Chapultepec

You are now arriving at Chapultepec Boulevard which was built in 1962. If you are doing this tour on a Sunday, this avenue will be crowded with skateboarders, basketball players and more.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Chapultepec Ave

Arriving at Chapultepec Ave

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Recreational Sunday

Sports everywhere if you go on a Sunday morning

There is a pedestrian walk in the middle of the street with several fountains and sculptures on the way.

Go first to the right when you arrive at the avenue and check out this part of the street. If you want to grab a coffee on the way, there are many nice places around to relax for a while.

Then head down to the other end of the boulevard as we do not want to miss the following monument:

6. Glorieta de los Niños Heroes

This monument is 50m high and was built in 1950. It is an obelisk with a woman on the top which represents the motherland and the boy cadets at the bottom of the obelisk.

In front of the monument, it is written “died for the homeland”.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Glorieta de los Niños Heroes

Glorieta de los Niños Heroes

7. Calle Libertad

We are slowly making our way back to the city center. Libertad is a side street of Chapultepec but one where you can find a hipster neighborhood with lots of street art, beautiful architecture and from one moment to the other it’s a lot quieter.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Building on Calle Libertad

Building on Calle Libertad

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Hipster Cafe

Hipster Cafe

8. Mercado Mexico

Mercado Mexico is a definitely situated in the right neighborhood as it is a real hipster market. When I went to it, people were practicing yoga outside, they sold plants and a lot of healthy stuff instead of usual market products. If that’s your thing, you should stop here.

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Mercado Mexico

Mercado Mexico

9. Mercado Juarez

My highlight here was actually not the market itself but the walls on the streets around the market. You can admire a lot of street art here. Of course, if you haven’t had lunch yet, a market is always a good place to grab some!

Chapultepec Guadalajara: Mercado Juarez

Street Art around Mercado Juarez

10. San Francisco Garden

To get to the garden, you have to walk about 20 minutes now. There is not that much to see in between, I decided to take some side streets but went back to Juarez on the way as I felt a bit uncomfortable walking on my own.

Arriving at San Francisco Garden, you should visit both Templo de nuestra señora de Aranzazu and Templo de San Francisco de Asis. Both are part of a convent complex which was founded in 1542. Today the Baroque style can still be seen in the Templo nuestra señora de Aranzazu which was built between 1749 and 1752.

Guadalajara Chapultepec: Templo de San Francisco de Asis

Templo de San Francisco de Asis

If you’d get the chance to visit Guadalajara, which of those places would you love to visit?

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Self-guided walking tour- Chapultepec neighborhood, Guadalajara, Mexico

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