Self-guided walking tour: An afternoon in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Miraflores has become the most popular neighborhood in Lima. Just about 20 minutes south of the historic center, you can find everything you need: accommodations from budget to luxury, cafes, restaurant, nightlife, parks and the ocean almost at your doorstep.

But even if you don’t stay in the Miraflores neighborhood, you should not miss visiting it and walk around for a couple of hours. In this post I show you around my favorite parts of this neighborhood:

Self-guided walking tour: Miraflores, Lima

1. Óvalo de Miraflores 2. Central Park 3. Kennedy Park 4. Larcomar Shopping Center 5. Malecon de Miraflores 6. La Rosa Nautica 7. Parque del Amor 8. Miraflores Lighthouse & Grau Park 9. Óvalo de Miraflores

Starting Point: Óvalo de Miraflores
Ending Point: Óvalo de Miraflores
Distance: at least 5.6 km

1. Óvalo de Miraflores

If you’re not staying in the Miraflores neighborhood, take the Metropolitan bus to Estacion Ricardo Palma and just walk down Av. Ricardo Palma to Óvalo de Miraflores.

At Ovalo de Miraflores the main streets Av. Arequipa, Av. Ricardo Parlma, Av. José Larco, Diagonal and Av. José Pardo meet and form a roundabout and huge square. The roundabout features a fountain in the middle.

Ovalo de Miraflores makes the biggest square of the neighborhood with lots of cafes, restaurants, hostels and shopping opportunities around. It is the most important point of traffic and everyone staying in or going to Miraflores will pass this roundabout every now and then.

Apart from all the cafes and restaurants, it is a good place to change money (find out why it’s better to get USD and change them to Sol in the post below) and tour groups often meet here.

2. Miraflores Central Park

The Central park can be found right next to the Óvalo de Miraflores. It’s just a small park to walk around for a couple of minutes or sit down on a bench and watch people. Unfortunately it is not allowed to sit on the grass here, so just sit down on a bench and avoid problems.

The park offers free wifi but please be careful having your valuables outside. I used it sometimes and never had problems or felt unsafe having my phone outside but be careful anyway. You never know who passes by.

3. Kennedy Park

Parque Kennedy can be found right behind Central Park. Here you can find a lot of food stands and enjoy some amazing street food. You can find a lot of sweet food here like churros or picarones or have the famous Peruvian drink Chicha Morada here.

If you are a cat-lover you should definitely visit Kennedy Park because there are a lot cats around waiting for people to feed them and playing with them.

4. Larcomar Shopping Center

Walk down the street in between Central Park and Kennedy Park to Av. José Larco to see the Town Hall building of Miraflores.

We are now making our way to the Larcomar Shopping Center. Not to go shopping, but to get the best view of Lima’s coast.

The shopping center was built right on the edge of the cliff and is spectacular to see. Shops are rather expensive but have a coffee (or beer) and enjoy the views. Get on the upper floor from behind it and on the right, here you’ll have the best views.

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Larcomar Shopping Center

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Ocean view included

If you want to go to Machu Picchu by train and booked your tickets online, you have to verify your booking with your passport in an office of Peru Rail. You can find the office here at Larcomar Shopping Center to verify your tickets or buy them if you haven’t done yet.

While you’re enjoying the views, there will be parasailers above your head. Take your time here and enjoy the atmosphere.

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Parasailers above your head

You can also find a bike rental behind Larcomar if you prefer biking over walking.

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5. Malecon de Miraflores

As soon as you arrive at the coast, you’ll notice the cliffs next to Lima’s coastline. There is a street below, mainly for cars which is called Circuito de Playas. Above this street, on the edge of the cliff, you find the Malecon – which is divided in different parts. Here is where you, as a pedestrian, are going to walk along.

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Below: Circuito de las Playas. Above the cliff: the Malecón where you can walk along the coast

There are several opportunities to go down to the beach, but be careful with the traffic. Looking at the sea, you will make your way to the right. And walk all the way along the sea until Grau Park.

On your way, there will be a lot of viewpoints, points of interest (see below) and you will have a lot of opportunity to observe surfers and parasailers. Or: do it yourself!

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Miraflores in your heart

6. La Rosa Nautica

La Rosa Nautical is a famous restaurant which can be found right on a pier above the ocean. I haven’t been there myself but Audrey of That Backpacker recommended it to her readers as a great place to go during sunset. Main specialities here are seafood dishes.

Further Reading: Eating my way around Miraflores by Audrey Bergner of That Backpacker

After passing La Rosa Nautical, stop for a while, look down and observe the surfers in the water. They are practicing whether it’s summer or winter.

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Surfers in winter

7. Parque del Amor

The Parque del Amor (Park of love) can be found on the Malecon de la Reserva/ Cisneros and was inaugurated in on Valentine’s Day in 1993.

The Park’s main feature is a huge statue (12m long and 3m high) of a couple kissing each other created by the Peruvian artist Victor Delfin.

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Statue: “The kiss” in Parque del Amor

In the rest of the park you will find cute mosaic walls with quotes. It reminded me a lot of Parque Guell in Barcelona.

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Mosaic benches, Parque del Amor

If you want to do parasailing along Lima’s coast yourself, you can find the company Perufly right at Parque del Amor.

Self-guided walking tour Miraflores Lima

Would you dare?

8. Miraflores Lighthouse & Grau Park

You are slowly getting to the end of your walking tour but don’t miss the last bit. While walking to Grau Park, you will pass the lighthouse of the neighborhood: Faro La Marina. It is an active lighthouse which was constructed in 1900 and is one of the most visited lighthouses within Peru.

Walk further to get some last nice views of Lima’s coast from Grau Park. The park is not as popular as Parque del Amor and you won’t have as many people around. It’s a nice place to end your walking tour along the coast.

9. Óvalo de Miraflores

If you want to go straight back to the Óvalo de Miraflores, you just have to walk down Av. José Pardo to get there.

But I recommend you to wander around the side streets if your feet are still eager to walk. You will see nice architecture in this part of the neighborhood. Most tourists stay on the main roads, so you will have time to explore everything on your own without a lot of people around you.

On Calle Berlin, you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants. Among others, there is a German cafe (close to the Ovalo) called KULCafe (Kulturcafé). They sell Kalte Schnauze (cake made of biscuits and chocolate) which is almost as good as the one my grandmother made and other treats.

What would be your favorite thing to see or do in Lima’s Miraflores neighborhood?

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Self-guided walking tour: An afternoon in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

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