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Foodie Capital of South America: Peruvian Food and Market Tour in Lima with Lima te llena

What would be a visit to the foodie capital of South America without a food tour? Impossible. And that is why on my second day in Lima I joined the Peruvian food and market tour of Lima te llena.

Peruvian Food and Market Tour in Lima

Fruit stall in Lima

Lima: Foodie capital?

Peru was a victim of terrorism for decades. People escaped. The country’s economy was in a big crisis. In the 90s, this nightmare ended and people came back. People from the Amazon region, from the highland villages, from the coastal regions went to live in Peru’s capital. All those people brought their culinary influences to Lima. But not only that: Have you known that Lima’s cuisine is highly influenced by African, Arabic, Chinese and European people? The country’s immigration history made Peruvian cuisine as unique as it is today.

Peruvian Food and Market Tour - Peruvian snacks

Peruvian snacks

And that’s exactly why you should not miss to participate in a Food Tour while staying in Lima. A food tour is not only bringing you closer the history and culture of food of the country but also lets you try so many different food. A food tour lets you try many small bites, instead of finding out about it and buying or ordering all of it yourself.

Peruvian Food and Market Tour with Lima te llena

I want to eat it all


Huge Cherimoyas

Peruvian Food & Market Tour – The Market

After meeting early in the morning in the hip neighborhood Miraflores, we made our way to a first market. On our way, Julio, our guide, gave us a lot of background information about Peruvian cuisine and how it has developed over the last years.

Every time he saw some interesting fruit, vegetable or flowers on the street, he stopped and explained it to us.

Peruvian Food and Market Tour - flowers

Colorful flowers

While walking through the market, we already got to try some things here and there, like pacay, a fruit from the Amazon or granadilla, a fruit I have ended up buying every day here in Peru.

Peruvian Food and Market Tour - trying pacy

Trying Pacay

I was especially surprised by the variety of potatoes here in Peru. Just crazy. I thought Germans eat a lot of potatoes but man, I was so wrong. Peru has over 4,000 types of potatoes.

Yes, Peru you are making a German girl living in Mexico who hasn’t eat many potatoes for months very happy!

Peruvian Food and Market Tour - potatoes

Different kinds of potatoes

Peruvian Food & Market Tour – Sea food lunch

Lunch was coming closer and we were all very excited about having a traditional Peruvian dish.

But Lima te llena offered more than that. We not only got to try one dish but three. The woman behind the stall showed us all the different fish and seafood she sells at her stall and answered questions while our food was being prepared.

Peruvian Food and Market Tour with Lima te llena - Sea food stall

Fresh sea food

As a drink we got Peruvian Chicha Morada – a drink made of a purple corn:

Chicha Morada - made of purple corn

Chicha Morada – made of purple corn

We got to try “arroz con mariscos” – rice with sea food, “ceviche” with both sea food and fish and some fried yucca, sea food and sea weed as a side.

I’m not a big fan of sea food and usually wouldn’t order it in a restaurant but this ceviche and rice was sensational. A huge praise for the cook here.

Sea food lunch

Arroz con mariscos, fried sea food & ceviche

But we had to leave space in our stomachs for the fruit tasting which wasn’t less exciting.

Peruvian Food & Market Tour – Fruit Tasting

Just go and wander around a market in Peru and you will find so many fruits unknown to a foreigner. And we were about to try them all:

Peruvian fruits

Peruvian fruits

Most of the fruits were sweet and I bet you will love them. My favorite was the granadilla but make your own choice by trying all of them.

Peruvian Food and Market Tour - Fruit tasting

Fruit Tasting (Pitahaya, Cocona & Granadilla)

Points of improvement

I was very happy with the tour and there are few things that will make it even better. It would be great if we would have gotten the chance to try some more typical drinks like Pisco Sour or some dried fruits. Seeing how dishes like ceviche are prepared would be awesome as well.

But all in all it was a tour I would recommend to you in the blink of an eye. So if you head to Lima, take part in the food tour of Lima te llena, you won’t regret it. You will get the chance to try a lot of super delicious food!

About Lima te llena:
Lima te llena was founded by Connie and Jose to “showcase the real and authentic sides of the city that most visitors aren’t aware exist”. They do not go to touristy places to eat but to places where locals go to buy their food.
The Peruvian Food & Market Tour is not the only tour they offer, you can also take part in a beer and tapas tasting tour or a street food tour at night, just choose the tour that is right for you.
Find out more about the company and their tours on their website limatellena.com.

Thanks to Lima te llena for inviting me on the tour. As always all opinions are my own.

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Foodie Capital of South America- Peruvian Food and Market Tour in Lima with Lima te llena

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