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Why walking is the best way to explore a city

Big cities are full of organized bus tours, hop on, hop off busses, tours in vintage cars and whatever vehicle you find. Walking tours are getting bigger and bigger these days though. And indeed I like to join those tours from now and then. To have a guide who gives me background information on history, culture and food. Information I would have otherwise looked for online. Nonetheless, I prefer walking independently of any tour operator through a new city as it’s the way you get to know a city the best.

With GPSMyCity App it is now possible to combine both walk independently and get the background information about the sights and places right on your phone. A great way to make the most of your city trip!

In the end of the article, I give away 20 promo codes of the app, so you can try it yourself during your next trip. Why you should take part in the competition?? Here is why walking is the best way to explore a city:

Take time

Obviously when you go on your own, you are able to go at your own pace and do not have to adapt to a group of people. You can visit places you’re interested in longer, only fast visit or skip others.

Why walking is the best way to explore a city: take your time

Randomly finding a market? Take your time to stroll along the stalls


By walking you are able to see more details as you are not rushing around by bus. But you will also see more details when you walk on your own as nobody talks to you and your observation is completely focused on your environment.

And even though you walked down that street a couple of times already, by taking your time and focusing on the details of your environment, you will be able to always discover something new if it is a hidden square, a small cafe or a small detail of a building for example.

Why walking is the best way to explore a city: finding details

Cafe in Santiago de Chile

Better photos

OK, if you do a bus sightseeing tour, forget the photos. There won’t be any more results other than snapshots. You have no time to think and you cannot do anything about composition.

Why walking is the best way to explore a city: better photos

Walking through Santiago de Chile

With a group walking tour you have a bit more time but if the group continues, you mostly cannot stay longer. So, go on your own if you want to take great shots. This way nobody gets annoyed when you stand 20 minutes in one place to get the perfect shot.

Food & coffee stops

And what if you’re getting hungry?? When you’re walking independently and see a nice cafe, a restaurant you like or when you just want some ice cream, you can easily take a break, have that coffee, meal or snack and continue your tour whenever you like.

Why walking is the best way to explore a city: food stops

Food & coffee stop in Antigua


While traveling most people stop doing exercise and try all kinds of food of the country there in. It is sometimes hard to stay fit and healthy during your travels. That is why you should always take the opportunity and walk to stay fit instead of sitting in a bus all day long.

Why walking is the best way to explore a city: fitness

Walking around Trinidad, Cuba

Minimize carbon footprint

As travelers we have a high carbon footprint with all the flights we catch. Do not increase that without any necessity. If you are able to minimize it, do so! Walk as much as you can during your travels.



About the app

GPSmyCity.com offers self-guided walking tours to different cities around the world. You can check out which cities they are currently offering here. Each city includes anywhere from a few to a dozen walks depending on the city, e.g. Best food-, nightlife venues-, main sights- and historic tours. If you download the tour you can use it online and do not need to waste money on mobile data. Sometimes audio narrations are included as well.

*IMPORTANT* The app is currently only available for Iphone or Ipad users.

About the giveaway

I will giveaway 20 promo codes. Each winner will get a promo code of one certain city. All walks of the city are available for you. You can choose your city here.

How to take part

Simply subscribe to my monthly newsletter until the 18th December 18:00 CET and you are able to win a promo code. In case you are already subscribed to my newsletter and want to take part, send me an e-mail to foodandphotosrtw@gmail.com and you are part of the competition as well. Please note again that the app is only available for iphone and ipad owners.

Subscribe here:

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Please note that the competition has ended. You can still sign up for the newsletter but will not be eligible for the promo codes.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can take part in this giveaway from wherever you are on this planet.
  • This giveaway will start today (26th November) and ends on 18th December 18:00 CET.
  • Winners will be selected randomly and I will contact you directly on 19th December in case you are among the winners.
  • This giveaway is hosted by Food & Photos RTW in partnership with GPSmyCity.

Good luck and please feel free to share the giveaway on your social media accounts or among your friends.

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Why walking is the best way to explore a city (PLUS GIVEAWAY)
Why walking is the best way to explore a city (PLUS GIVEAWAY)

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