How to book hotels without a credit card

How to book hotels without a credit card

Traveling without a credit card is quite uncommon nowadays. Nonetheless, it is possible for those who do not want to travel with a credit card or who do not own one. Here’s how you can book hotels without a credit card:

Usually you require a credit card to reserve a hotel on Lately they have been extending their offer for accommodation you can book without a credit card though. In order to find those hotels, follow these steps:

    1. Enter your destination and date as usual.
    2. Find a hotel you like and click on “choose your room”. If you are lucky, you already found a room, you can reserve without the need of a credit card. In my experience, this would be a coincidence though. If you can pay without a credit card, you find the label “no credit card needed” below the hotel description.
book hotel without credit card -

You find the label no credit card required below the description

    1. In case you do not find the label in this hotel, you have to keep on searching. But the good thing is, on there is a way you do not have to look at the details page of every hotel until you find one where you do not need a credit card.Just go through the booking process of one random hotel. Enter your details as required and go on to the payment.
No credit card?

No credit card?

    1. Next to the form where you enter your credit card details, you’ll find a button which says “No credit card?”. Click on that button and automatically suggests you accommodations nearby which offer reservations without a credit card.
No credit card?

No credit card?


On you can pay your hotel room by debit card, Paypal or with bitcoin apart from paying by credit card.

A Paypal account is easily set up and a debit card can be deposited as the means of payment.

Hotels-pedia is an offshoot of Agoda. On Agoda you can sometimes pay with paypal but you do not know whether you can do it or not until you almost finished your booking process. Hotels-pedia on the contrary only offers you hotels that can be booked via paypal.


Paypal: Payment option on


On Airbnb you do not only find private apartments and rooms, you often find B&Bs and smaller hotels here as well. Airbnb offers paypal payment apart from the usual credit card payment.

Terms of Service airbnb

Terms of Service Airbnb

Paypal sometimes excepted

Pages which actually allow paypal payments but it’s hard to find hotels which offer this method of payment (you have to go through the payment process to see whether it’s possible or not) include:

Other options

  • Find an accommodation on your preferred booking website. Now google that hostel or hotel and find their own website. Maybe you are lucky and are able to book via paypal on their website. If not, send them an e-mail explaining that you do not have a credit card and if it’s possible to reserve a room for you. Assure them that you will definitely show up on the respective date.
  • Another option might be to ask your preferred accommodation to transfer the money.
  • And if nothing works out and you do not travel in complete high season there is always the option to be spontaneous and go to your destination without a reservation, just show up and pay in cash at arrival.

Have you traveled without a credit card already? How did you book your hotels?

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How to book hotels without a credit card

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