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2 week Itinerary Yucatan Peninsula Part 1

2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

I guess I am able to say that I know the Yucatan Peninsula very well after having stayed here for about 8 months with small breaks. Most people don’t get that much time that is why I’m sharing a 2 week itinerary for the Yucatan Peninsula with you today including places to stay in each city.

Day 1: Arrival Cancun

Depending on when you are arriving in Cancun, you have time to head to beach for a bit of time. Just to see this crystal clear water of the Carribean. Whether you like the huge touristy buildings around or not, the beaches around here are stunning. I recommend you do go to the beach in front of Scuba Cancun, Playa Forum (where Coco Bongo is) or Playa Delfines.

The beach across from Scuba Cancun is pretty quiet, so if you prefer that, go there.

The beach called Playa Forum is very popular as all the nightlife is going on around there. So if you like to meet more people, go there. Additionally you can do some snorkeling there. You’ll find a lot of small fish. When arriving, go to the artificial rocks on the left. Just be careful because there can be a lot of currents behind the rocks as well as sharks depending on the season, so if you are not a safe swimmer or are scared of sharks, stay close to the rocks.

Beach in Cancun - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

The beach in Cancun

Playa Delfines is quite far away but a huge one with the famous Cancun sign. In the evening you should have dinner at Parque Las Palapas. It is extremely cheap and so yummie. A lot of local people hang out here with their families and it’s the perfect way to end your day in Cancun. How to get there: Go to Avenida Tulum and take the bus R1 to get to the hotel zone (10.5 MXN). Ask the driver to let you off the bus at either Scuba Cancun, Coco Bongo (Playa Forum) or Playa Delfines. Where to stay: El Corazon Hostel, Cancun

Day 2: Isla Mujeres

Day 2 is all about Isla Mujeres, the island off Cancun with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Playa Norte. If you don’t want to spend all day on the white sandy beach with its crystal clear water, rent a golf cart and explore the small island and its more or less hidden gems.

Playa Norte - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Playa Norte

How to get there: Take the bus R1 in front of Comercial Mexicana (in front of the ADO station) to Puerto Juarez (make sure that Puerto Juarez is written on the front window of the bus). The bus costs you about 8 MXN. If you are 3-4, you might catch a taxi. With a little bargaining skills, you can get there for 30 MXN. The taxis in front of Comercial Mexicano will take you there at this price.
Where to stay: El Corazon Hostel, Cancun

Day 3: Playa del Carmen

If you are a diver, you can go diving in the Underwater Museum of Cancun in the morning. Go to Scuba Cancun and get to know the artificial reef developed by a lot of different statues. You can also go snorkeling there. I did both and it’s definitely better to see it while diving as it’s about 10m below the surface.

Underwater Museum Cancun -2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Underwater Museum Cancun

Head to Playa del Carmen in the morning or in the afternoon depending on your diving/snorkeling plans in the morning. Wander around the 5th Avenue but do not miss to get off this main strip as well. You can eat so much cheaper a bit far off this street. The best beach in Playa del Carmen in my opinion is the one on the right of the Cozumel ferry station and Señor Frogs. If you are up for going out, go out in Playa del Carmen, it’s the perfect place to go out, you have so many opportunities and you do not have to pay as much as in Cancun.

How to get there: Catch one of the mini vans on the parking space of Comercial Mexicana (in front of the ADO station). You cannot miss them as the drivers are screaming “Playa. Playa” all day long. You pay 34 MXN.
Where to stay: Hostel Playa, Playa del Carmen

Day 4: Akumal

Akumal is a small beach town between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It’s the place in Yucatan to snorkel with sea turtles and you shouldn’t miss it. When you get to the beach stay nearby at first. Here is the best place to spot the turtles.

Turtles in Akumal - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Swimming with turtles in Akumal

If you have seen enough but still want to continue snorkeling go a bit to the right (looking to the beach). There you’ll find a small reef to snorkel and can spot a lot of fish and some more turtles.

snorkeling in Akumal - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

snorkeling in Akumal

If you don’t want to spend all day in Akumal, make another stop with the mini van. You can find a lot of cenotes (sinkholes with fresh water) to visit between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. One I especially like is called Jardin del Eden. Ask the bus driver to drop you off there. You have to get in the mini van that goes to Tulum to get to the Cenote.

El Jardin del Eden - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Cenote El Jardin del Eden

How to get there: You remember the place you got off when coming from Cancun to Playa del Carmen? Just turn left and you find the mini vans heading to Tulum. Tell the bus driver you want to get off in Akumal respectively the cenote Jardin del Eden.
Where to stay: Hostel Playa, Playa del Carmen

Day 5: Cozumel, continue to Tulum

Book a diving/snorkeling tour with Playa Scuba to the island Cozumel. Seriously this diving trip was the best one I’ve done so far. The reef is amazing. You dive through reef arches, along walls and see so many exotic fish. Snorkeling is of course also possible.

Diving on Cozumel - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Diving on Cozumel

When you come back from Cozumel, grab your stuff and take the mini van to Tulum. In the evening head to the bar Batey. You can have a whole bunch of different tasty Mojitos here made with a fresh sugar cane. Try the one with water melon!

How to get there: Take the same minivan as yesterday but take it until Tulum.

Where to stay: Hostel Mama’s Home, Tulum

Day 6: Tulum Ruins, Cenote

Today it’s time to do some exercise. Rent a bike in the morning to visit the ruins of Tulum as well as the Cenote Grand Cenote and get some beach time as well. Wake up early to avoid the crowds in the ruins. The entry is 66 MXN and the ruins are really small. The magical thing about it is its location right at the sea. Simply stunning! The sea in Tulum is crystal clear, the sand white – is there a better start in your day?

Tulum Ruins - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Tulum Ruins

When you get out, head to the left to enjoy some beach time at one of the public beaches. If you had enough sun, take your bike and follow the street to the left until you arrive at Avenida Coba. Then turn right and follow Avenida Coba, pass the supermarket San Francisco and continue until you see the cenote Grand Cenote on your right.

The entrance here is 100 MXN. Rent a snorkel in Mama’s Home and do some snorkeling around the cavern. You can see so much more when you look under the water as you can see the where the caverns lead to. It’s worth taking it with you.

How to get there: Ride along Carretera Tulum-Cancun until you see the sign parking space Tulum Ruins. When getting out of the ruins, ride your bike to the left until Avenida Coba. Turn right and follow the street all the way to the cenote. When going back to the hostel, ride the bike until the Supermarket San Francisco and then turn right.
Where to stay: Hostel Mama’s Home, Tulum

Day 7: Coba

Today it’s time to explore some other Mayan ruins. Completely different than those in Tulum as they are in the middle of a rain forest and the area is just huge.

Coba - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Walking to the pyramide in Coba

You can get around there by bike taxi or walk. In my opinion, the distances aren’t too bad and you can definitely walk around the grounds. Take some good hiking shoes as you can climb the biggest pyramid to enjoy the view of the rain forest.

Coba - 2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula

Pyramide in Coba

How to get there: Take the ADO bus from Tulum to Coba. They will drop you off directly at the entrance and pick you up there again. If you travel during high season, book your ticket beforehand as you don’t want to be stuck in front of the ruins.
Where to stay: Hostel Mama’s Home, Tulum

Continue reading part 2 including more time for cultural immersion, historical exploration and beach bumming.

2 week itinerary Yucatan Peninsula part2

Have you been to the Yucatan Peninsula yet? Which places did you visit? What did you like most?

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