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Nike Free – the perfect trainers to travel

Nike Free

When I started my long-term trip in September last year, I took both hiking boots and my Converse with me. I didn’t want to walk with hiking boots when exploring a city, but Converse shoes obviously don’t serve for hiking. Everyone who tried to walk up a small unpaved hill with them knows that you slip all the time.

Hiking boots are bloody heavy and take up so much space in your luggage. That is why I gave them to my friend Anne to bring them back to Germany and wanted to find a shoe which both

1. is good for hiking and
2. Looks and feels good when you’re just doing sightseeing or walking through town

Luckily we ran in a guy who worked in a sports shoe store back in Germany and I could ask him which shoe he would suggest. He didn’t hesitated and said Nike Free right away.

Nike Free – My new shoes

A couple of weeks later, I finally had my own Nike Free shoes in my hands.

I didn’t really got a chance to try them in Cancun as I’m wearing flip flops all the time but now after three weeks traveling from San Cristobal to Guatemala, I can truly review those shoes!

Three words: I love them!

Nike Free perfect trainers to travel

Walking on natural muddy stairs in Semuc Champey

I can not recommend them more. I walked on cobblestone streets in Antigua, on muddy steps in Semuc Champey and climbed Mayan ruins with them. And I had zero problems.

Nothing hurt. No blisters. Everything was great. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

Nike Free perfect trainers to travel

Walking with wet shoes and no blisters – Semuc Champey

In Semuc Champey I even wore them in the water while tubing because I didn’t have any flip flops with me. Additionally there is a cave where you have to hike and swim through areas filled with water and you should wear proper shoes for that. I used them inside the water and obviously they were completely soaked afterwards. In the evening, I put some paper in it and I could wear them on the next morning again. No problem.


Nike Free shoes are specifically designed to let your feet move more naturally
and freely than traditional athletic shoes (Source).

And that’s how you seriously feel when you wear them. You don’t actually notice that you are wearing any shoes. They don’t disturb you at all, in the contrary, they are the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever worn up to now.

Nike Free perfect trainers to travel

Climbing Mayan ruins

You can buy these shoes in multiple different colors – most of them are really bright and colorful but they have black ones as well.

You can go running, hiking or just walking through a city with them. They are extremely flexible as you can see in this video:

Get yours now!

I am not getting sponsored or paid in any other way by promoting those shoes, I just highly recommend them for traveling as you do not need any other trainers or hiking shoes. They are perfect for every situation you might come across.

So get yours now on Amazon USA or Amazon Germany.

Nike Free perfect trainers to travel

Happy with my new shoes in Tikal

What kind of shoes do you take when traveling?

Please not that I am an affiliate of Amazon which means that I earn a little commission from your purchase through this link at no extra cost for you. Thank you very much for keeping this site running.

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