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8 Ways to immerse in a foreign culture

Traveling is more than seeing sights. It’s about making experiences which become life-long memories, about sharing those with other people. To achieve that, you have to immerse in the culture of your destination. That’s easier said than done as usually a lot of precautions are taken to keep travelers busy with touristy attractions.

In order to make the best of your trip, consider the following ways to immerse in a foreign culture.


Couchsurfing is not only a cheap way to travel around the world, but to meet local people from all over the world. You can stay with them, meet them for a coffee or go to one of the regular meetings. Register on their website and look for groups of your destination to find those events.


A good way to get to know locals and their culture is to work in the place you’re staying. You can do work exchanges, find paid jobs or volunteer. Doing so, you stay longer, make friends with local people and might be able to take part in local festivities, are invited to dinners and learn more about the culture by talking to people.

Immerse in a foreign culture - work

New arrivals in Cancun

Eat the local food

For me a huge part of local culture is food. Do not go to international restaurants only, go to local restaurants and especially try street food. In a lot of places around the world, street food is a huge part of the culture.

Immerse in a foreign culture - eat street food

Street Food in Istanbul

Go to festivals/sports events

There is a festival going on or a local sports team playing during the time you’re there? Awesome! Go there and celebrate with the locals.

Stay in local areas

If you have the opportunity, stay in local neighborhoods. You will not only find cheaper accommodation but also cheaper food and will meet more local people than in the touristy areas. To find accommodations in local areas, the best way is to rent an apartment with the help of Airbnb or Tripping.

Start booking your accommodation with Airbnb by using this link today and get a 25$ credit.

Immerse in a foreign culture - stay in local areas

Renting an apartment in the northern area of Mérida, Mexico

Talk to strangers

Get out of your comfort zone and start conversations with local people. Even asking for directions or some piece of advice might lead to longer conversations. And who knows? Maybe you make a new friend.

Go to the (super)market

Sounds weird? I actually enjoy going to supermarkets and stroll through the different corridors. Visit food and crafts markets. Look for things different from home, buy some of those and try something new.

Immerse in a foreign culture - go to the markets

A market in Istanbul

Enroll in a class

Whether it is dancing, yoga or other kinds of sports, this way you get to know a lot of new people. If you stay longer in one place, that’s the easiest way to get settled in the place and make new friends.

A language course or a cooking class gives you very good insights in local customs and traditions as well.

Immerse in a foreign culture - enroll in a class

Dancing class (Source

What do you do to immerse yourself in a foreign culture? Please share your ways in the comments.

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