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The complete guide for San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

The complete guide for San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

San Cristobal Island with the city Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the administrative capital of the Galapagos Islands. With its 7,000 inhabitants it isn’t the most populated island though (That’s Santa Cruz). Either San Cristobal (SCY) or Santa Cruz (GPS) will be your starting point of your trip around the Galapagos Islands as planes from Quito and Guayaquil only arrive there.
As I lived the last 2.5 months on San Cristobal working at a tour operator, I want to share my experience with you about everything you are able to see, do, where you get the best food and where to go out in the evening.

Getting there & around

The airport code of San Cristobal is SCY. You can arrive here with LAN, Avianca or Tame from either Quito or Guayaquil. Be aware that you have to pay $10 for the INGALA Migration card in Quito or Guayaquil and $100 entrance fee for the Galapagos Islands National Park when you arrive on the islands. Those fees can be only paid in cash and there is no ATM at the airport of San Cristobal, so get some money out beforehand to avoid trouble.

San Cristobal from above

San Cristobal from above

Speed boats are the cheapest way to get to other islands. They cost $30 each way. The speed boats to Santa Cruz leave at 7 AM and 3 PM on a daily basis. If you want to go to Isabela by boat, you firstly have to go to Santa Cruz and catch the next speed boat there (7 AM or 2 PM).

If you want to go by plane to Isabela or Santa Cruz instead of by speed boat, you will fly in a small 5 persons plane by Emetebe or Zair. A plane to another island costs about $150.

A water taxi getting to the pier of San Cristobal

A water taxi getting to the pier of San Cristobal

Getting around in San Cristobal is very simple. You can easily say that everything in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is in walking distance. If you want to go by taxi nonetheless, e.g. to the airport, it’ll cost you only $1.

Places further away from Puerto Baquerizo like El Progreso in the highlands (El Ceibo), can also be reached cheaply by taxi. Always tell the taxi driver to stay or to return to the place, so you can be certain to have a taxi back, as it is probably impossible to find a taxi in the highlands.

Points of interest

Even though San Cristobal is quite a small island, there is much to do, either with guided tours or on your own. The Kicker Rock Tour goes almost everyday, so this is fine to book one day before the tour. Tours to Isla Lobos or Punta Pitt though only depart on certain dates, so you might ask for that before going to the Galapagos Islands or be a bit flexible.

In order to ask for certain tour departures, I recommend you the company Sharksky. I might be a bit biased as I worked there, but my former colleagues do a great job in helping you making your trip unforgettable. You can either have a look at their website or visit them directly on the Malecón (next to the hostels Albatros and San Francisco).

Kicker Rock aka Leon Dormido

The Kicker Rock Tour is the standard tour on San Cristobal Island. This rock looks like a gum boot for foreign people and like a sleeping lion for locals (Leon Dormido) and is one of the most famous attractions of the Galapagos Islands.

Kicker Rock in the background

Kicker Rock in the background

It’s a snorkeling or diving tour during which you can see white and black tip reef sharks, sea turtles, rays, fish, sea lions and if you’re really lucky than you are able to see hammerhead sharks. But that’s more likely for divers than snorkelers.

The tour is combined with some beach time at one of the following three beaches: Manglesito, Cerro Brujo or Puerto Grande. The tour includes snorkeling/diving equipment, wetsuit, lunch and towels and is guided by a naturalist guide. It costs $80 for snorkelers and $160 for divers.

Read my complete post about the Kicker Rock Tour.

Puerto Grande

Puerto Grande

Isla Lobos

Book a half-day trip to Isla Lobos for $65. You will do a hike on the lava rocks of the island and spot marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies (if you visit the island during the right time you might be able to see them nesting or see their fluffy babies) and relaxing sea lions. The island’s name is translated Island of sea lions and you will sea heaps of them laying under the trees in the shade or playing in the water.

Part of the excursion is also a snorkel not far away from the island where the sea lions literally play with you and come really close before getting out of your way. I saw some giant sea turtles and a couple of rays there as well.

Isla Lobos

Isla Lobos

Before heading back to the port of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, you will stop at Ochoa Beach. A beach which could also be in the Caribean, beautifully white and sandy. You can either relax on the beach, snorkel here again or spot some frigate birds and blue-footed boobies in the area.

Read my complete post about Isla Lobos.

Ochoa Beach

Ochoa Beach

Punta Pitt

I just published a post about this amazingly beautiful place in the north of San Cristobal. The place surprised me the most and if you have the time and money, you should absolutely visit Punta Pitt. Remember that tours do not go every day, so either plan ahead or be very flexible with your time especially during low season.

Punta Pitt is the only place where you are able to see all three booby-species: Blue-footed, Red-footed and Nazca boobies. But that’s far from everything, the colors of the landscape is what enthused me most. Costs of the trip vary depending on the second place you visit during that day but will be more than $100.

Read my complete post about Punta Pitt.

Punta Pitt

Punta Pitt

La Loberia

La Loberia is a beach close to the airport of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. You can either walk there for about 30 minutes each way or catch a taxi for about $2. Tell the taxi driver to come back at a certain time if you want to go back by taxi, as you probably won’t find one there.

At La Loberia Beach you can hike around the lava rocks left of the beach and snorkel close to the shore where the sea lions are sleeping in big groups.

In the water you will hopefully see a lot of sea turtles eating or sliding through the water. I found La Loberia the best place to spot sea turtles.

Read my complete post about La Loberia.

La Loberia

La Loberia

Interpretation Center, Tijeretas & Punta Carola

Tijeretas and Punta Carola can be found on the other side of the city. Just go to the end of the Malecón (street at the sea) and follow the signs to Playa Mann. Pass Playa Mann and go to the right to arrive at the Interpretation Center.

The Interpretation Center is a museum about the Galapagos Islands. It’s divided into three parts: Formation, settlement and conservation and is definitely worth a visit. At the end of the Interpretation Center you’ll find a way who leads you to Tijeretas and Punta Carola.

Tijeretas means frigate birds in Spanish and the place got its name as you can spot heaps of them there. There is a hill from which you have the perfect view of the bay below you, Kicker Rock from afar and of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on the other side. On another smaller hill, you’ll find a Darwin monument as he landed in this bay when coming to San Cristobal.


View from Tijeretas Hill

Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit and snorkeling equipment as you can go for a snorkel in the bay there. You will see some sea turtles and sea lions there as well.

On your way back stop at Punta Carola, it’s a nice beach with a small lighthouse and a big colony of sea lions.

Read my complete post about Tijeretas & Punta Carola.

Punta Carola

Punta Carola

El Junco, Galapaguera, Puerto Chino

You want to get to know the Highlands of San Cristobal Island. Then you can simply catch a taxi and explore the area for a day. You pay $60 and the taxi driver accompanies you the whole time as there are no taxis to find in the highlands. You start in the morning at let’s say 9 or 10 AM and will be back at around 2 or 3 PM.

The usual itinerary is

  • El Junco: A freshwater lake in a volcano
  • Galapaguera seminatural: A breeding station for giant turtoises
  • Puerto Chino: A beach

Make sure, you wear hiking boots or at least solid shoes for that. To get to El Junco you have to hike up a quite muddy way up to the volcano. If you like, you can completely walk around the lake.

In Galapaguera I recommend you to ask one of the volunteers there to guide you. They are able to answer all your questions and tell you very interesting facts about the giant tortoises.

Puerto Chino is an incredibly beautiful beach, but do not only go into the water and swim. Walk up the small hill on the right side to see some blue-footed boobies. Puerto Chino is also a great place to go surfing.

Read my complete post about the highlands of San Cristobal.


Galapaguera seminatural

El Ceibo

El Ceibo is a small tree house in the city of El Progreso a few kilometers away from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. You can get there by taxi for only $3 each way.

The entrance fee of the tree house is another $1.5 per person in order to keep the place alive. You walk over a shaky bridge to arrive at this cute little tree house. There is a small room with even two beds above the “living-room area“. If you are adventurous, you can slide down the pole outside the treehouse, but be sure to secure yourself safely.

Don’t miss to get into the tree trunk. There is a ladder guiding you down to another area.

El Ceibo

One way

Outside the treehouse there is a small area where you can have some cake and coffee. It’s a nice area for children to play and run around and a very interesting place to see for adults as well. As everything is very alternative and ecological. You sometimes might have a second look to see what it’s made of. The wall inside of the café is completely wrapped with glass bottles for example.

Glass bottle wall

Glass bottle wall


San Cristobal offers a lot to do for the outdoor adventurer and sports enthusiast. During your time on the island, you are able to do the following activities:

  • Kayaking: it might be that you have to be accompanied by a naturalist guide


  • Stand-Up Paddling: ask in the office of Sharksky right at the Malecón for the boards
  • Surfing: Rent a surf board at the shop on the left of the restaurant La Playa (follow the Malecón in the direction to the Military Zone), read further to find out which are the best beaches to surf
  • Biking: Again you can rent a bike at Sharksky. The best way is it to do it is to go to Puerto Chino by taxi and then head back to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno by bike.
  • Canopy: The canopy place is a bit further in the highlands. Catch a taxi to get there
  • Diving: The best diving spot is obviously Kicker Rock. But you can also do wreck diving, dive at Punta Pitt and some other places. Head to the Dive Center Los Mantas and they’ll help you to find a good trip.
Open Water Diving Course

Open Water Diving Course

  • Snorkeling: You can snorkel by participating in one of the tours mentioned above or by simply renting snorkeling gear. Only the mask and the snorkel costs $3 dollars per day, together with fins it’s $5. If you freeze easily and want to get a short wetsuit as well, it’s an additional $5. You can rent all this again in the office of Sharksky. The best places you could go on your own are La Loberia and Tijeretas (see above).
Snorkeling at Tijeretas

Snorkeling at Tijeretas

  • Spotting wildlife: Sit down on a bench at the Malecón and do nothing but observing the wildlife. You will be amazed by how many different species you see in only a couple of minutes.
Spotting wildlife

Spotting wildlife


Playa Mann

Playa Mann is a beach where you are going to hang out with a lot of sea lions. You shouldn’t be afraid of them as they often pass you on your towel very closely. It’s a nice place to refresh from the sun for the while and it even has a small kiosk where you can buy drinks and snacks.
To get to Playa Mann, go to the northern end of the Malecón passing the pier and then stairs on the right hand side. Walk further on a small wooden bridge and pass a couple of houses afterwards. Turn the first street right and follow the signs to the beach.

Playa Mann

Playa Mann

La Loberia

I mentioned La Loberia further above already as a point of interest. So just short and simple. La Loberia is a great place to snorkel, hike and refresh yourself. Walk 30 minutes to get there or take a taxi for about $2.

Puerto Chino

Puerto Chino is the beach you go to at the end of your highland trip (read above). The water there has the most beautiful colour. It’s crystal clear and you are able to see the sea lions swimming in the water from above the hill. The beach is also very popular among surfers.

Puerto Chino

Puerto Chino

Punta Carola

Punta Carola is another beach where you find a huge colony of sea lions. To get there, pass Playa Mann and go through the Interpretation Center, then follow the signs. You can snorkel or swim there or simply take some photos of the sea lions. But always keep the 2m distance.
At the end of the beach, you’ll find a small red-white lighthouse.

Playa Baquerizo

Playa Baquerizo is a lesser known beach further away from the city and a more off-the-beaten path beach. To get there you have to pass Playa Mann, go through the Interpretation Center and follow the sign saying Tijeretas. Hike up the biggest hill with the viewing platform at the top and follow the trail from there for about an hour.

Manglesito, Cerro Brujo, Puerto Grande

These three beaches are the beaches you go to during your Kicker Rock Tour. The Kicker Rock Tour is always combined with a beach either Manglesito, Cerro Brujo and Puerto Grande. They are all next to each other with a view of Kicker Rock from afar and beautiful sandy beach. My favorite one is Cerro Brujo Beach.

Cerro Brujo Beach

Cerro Brujo Beach

Playa Ochoa

Playa Ochoa is the beach you go to after your time hiking on and snorkeling around Isla Lobos. Another beautiful sandy beach where you are able to spot blue footed boobies, frigate birds and again a lot of sea lions.

Tongo Reef

Tongo Reef is the beach for the surfers. Get your board at the shop next to the restaurant La Playa and go to the military zone. Bring your passport or ID as I had to give it to them to enter the zone and was able to pick it back up afterwards. Follow the trail along the ocean and after a quite long walk (passing a small cemetery), you’ll get there.

Restaurants in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Cafés, Breakfast

  • Zayapa Ice Cream & Coffee: Offers very good coffee and even iced-coffee, often closed on Sundays
  • Tongo Reef: a lot of different breakfast options from typical Ecuadorian breakfasts like Bolón to continental ones starting from $4. It’s also the only restaurant which is open before the speed boat at 7 AM leaves the island
  • Mary’s Cakes & Coffee: The people working there are very cute and make sure, you enjoy your breakfast a lot. You can also order Ecuadorian as well as continental breakfast options starting from $3.5.
coffee at Zayapa

Enoying a coffee in the sun (Zayapa)

Cheap eats, Meal deals

  • Lucky: Here you get the best deal. Have lunch or dinner here for only $3.5. You’ll get a juice, a soup and a main dish (sometimes you can choose between fish or meat). They also offer vegetarian options.
  • Rosita: The same meal deal at Rosita costs $5 including juice, soup and main dish. Here it is only available for dinner from Monday to Friday.
  • Cabaña el Grande: A small restaurant which can be easily overseen. In the same street where you’ll find Lucky, you’ll find a small door with steps going up to a small restaurant. The owner is very proud of his place and his visitors and will probably make you write in his guest book. They have some cheap meal deals like a burger, fries and a milkshake. Breakfast is offered here at a low cost as well.
Main dish at Lucky

Main dish at Lucky

Dinner options

  • Bambu Grill: Here you can order incredibly good and fresh fish, sea food or meat. During lobster season, that’s the place to eat lobster in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.
  • Calypso: A place with more international food. When you have enough of rice, go here and order the best pizza of the city, a salad, pasta or a burger. The desserts are very delicious as well.
  • El Descanso Marinero: Another place for great fish and sea food. It’s a bit further away from the Malecón than the other places but still easily accessible. It’s one of the more expensive restaurants but with a great variety of delicious dishes.
  • Mockingbird: That place was renovated all the 2.5 months I’ve been on the island unfortunately. But it is always recommended as a great place to eat from the locals and other tourists. It’s a grill restaurant as well.
  • Rokas & Cactus: This place is quite far away up on a hill but offers some great dishes. I had dinner there once. It was a bit more expensive than the usual dinner option but very very tasty and due to the location it was very quiet up there.
Eating lobster at Bambu Grill

Eating lobster at Bambu Grill (with this came a huge portion of rice and beans as well)

Going out


  • Barquero: This place is owned by a couple which is very cute and care a lot for you. The atmosphere of this place is great. You sit in the front garden of their house with good music and some beers. They provide some games like playing cards or yenga, as well as dart and billiard. It’s my favorite bar in the city.
  • Casa Blanca: This bar of a hotel is a good place to drink some cocktails. It’s the hotel which seems to not fit in the rest of the architecture with its white and blue colour, right in front of the main pier.
  • Iguana Rock: This place is often the place to go before going out to dance. They provide very comfortable couches, a pool table and a small dancing area in the back of the bar. You can get two Pilsener beers for $5 here.
El Barquero

El Barquero (Source)


Puerto Baquerizo is not very big, so the two clubs to go to are

  • La Isla
  • Neptuno

Music is quite similar with a lot of reggaeton music. Neptuno is also a karaoke bar.


As I worked in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, I didn’t stay in a hostel or hotel and can only recommend you the places, others talked well about and seemed like a good choice from the outside. Those were:

Hostal category

  • Hostel San Francisco
  • Leon Dormido
  • Casa de Jeimy
  • Casa de Laura

Higher Categories

  • Hotel Katarma
  • Pimampiro
  • Casa Blanca
  • Hotel Opuntia
View from Hotel Opuntia

View from Hotel Opuntia


So I hope I could answer all your questions about what to do, where to go, where to eat out etc. in Puerto Baquerizo and on San Cristobal in general. If you still have any questions, write them down in the comments and I’d love to help you.

And if you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments as well.

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  5. Constance Bauer

    Thank you Stef – this was an awesome post – so helpful. Would you recommend using a group like Galapagos Alternatives to book all the tours around the islands or is it pretty easy to do this on your own? thank you!

    1. Stef Post author

      You cannot do everything individually. So at some point you have to book tours with an agency as some parts of the island can only be visited with a naturalist guide. So for example Kicker Rock, Isla Lobos and Punta Pitt has to be booked through an agency. Tijeretes, La Loberia and a visit to the highlands can be done by yourself. So you definitely do not have to book a complete tour but simply book day trips you’re interested in.

  6. Constance Bauer

    We are going this June for 14 days! Do you have any recommendations for a private guide for the tour of North Seymour Island/Bachas Beach and the Kicker Rock/Islas Lobos tour? My family hates big tour groups so we want to hire a local guide. Thank you! Constance

  7. Bram

    Very useful post, thanks! I am flying to San Cristobal in 4 weeks. Already have Kicker Rock and Punta Pitt booked (through sharksky). I was wondering if it’s possible to buy sandwiches or packed lunch anywhere for the days I will go out on my own?

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  10. Al

    Wow, Stef! I will be spending 6 days on San Cristobal with my family in June and your post is filled with incredible information. Thank you!!!

    1. Stef Post author

      I’m happy your post helps you. Have a great time on San Cristobal and let me know how you liked it please!

      1. Al

        Hey Stef. Our stay on San Cristobal was amazing and your blog was super helpful. It really gave us a great idea of what to expect. I actually printed most of it up and took it with us for reference. Day trip to Isla Lobos and sunsets at Playa Mann were definitely highlights! Gracias!!!

        1. Stef Post author

          That’s great. I’m happy you liked it so much and that my posts could help you! Have been to other islands as well? If yes, which one was your favorite?

  11. Kyle

    Hi stef, this post is phenomenal thank you for sharing. I’m going to Galapagos the second week of September and doing a lot of independent stuff for 5 days. I’m planning to do the ferries between islands (cristobal-Cruz-Isabella and back). I was wondering if you had hotel suggestions that are near to the ports to get there in plenty of time for the 7am departures.

    Thanks very much!

    1. Stef Post author

      Hi Kyle, Thank you very much. I’m happy the post helps you. On San Cristobal you can stay in Hostel San Francisco (cheap) or Hotel Opuntia (more expensive) if you want to stay close to the ferry. For the other two islands I cannot help you unfortunately as I was only staying there for 2-3 days. Nonetheless, taxis are cheap on the islands you pay between 1-2 USD when staying within the cities.

  12. Erin

    Hi Stef,
    Thanks so much for the information. I book marked your page! I am going to San Cristobal to work for 6 months. I’ll want to be cooking for myself most of the time, as I prefer my style of cooking, but what I am wondering is, how are the food markets? Is there a proper grocery store or just little tiendas with a little bit of everything? I heard there was an outdoor market every Saturday, which is the best for produce. What can you tell me about buying food to cook?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Stef Post author

      I’m sorry but there is not proper grocery store on the island. You rather find several small shops with some vegetables and fruits, canned food, basic choice of cheese and sausages etc. There is a market a bit up the hill but it’s open every day not only Saturday, so I’m not sure if you mean the same one. Maybe it’s Saturday when new food is delivered from the main land.
      On the market you find vegetables, fruits and meat.
      For me it was ok, but I varied between eating out and cooking myself. When I came back to Ecuador mainland, I was happy to have a bigger choice again. Food is also much cheaper on the mainland. Luckily I didn’t know that and only noticed when I came back from the Galapagos. You will make it work when you know how to cook different things from basic ingredients.
      What kind of work are you doing there?

  13. Tanya

    Hi there, great site thank you. We just arrived on San Cristobal today and are trying to plan some independent day hikes etc. Few questions if you don’t mind

    -are we able to reach beaches like Playa Ochoa And Isla Lobos by ourselves by hiking? If yes which others that are close to Puerto Baquerizo beside what you already listed?

    – we are also hoping to find some work in the Galapagos do you have any tips? As walking around today we found it pretty difficult.

    – in regards yo accomodation, do you know how we can find cheaper accomodation like an apartment or room to rent that do not charge hostel rates? To make it more affordable, you mention you had housing while working here?

    – other than that do you have any advice of tips on Santa Cruz or Isabela like this feed on San Cristobal?

    Many thanks

    1. Stef Post author

      Hi, Here are my answers:
      1.) are we able to reach beaches like Playa Ochoa And Isla Lobos by ourselves by hiking? If yes which others that are close to Puerto Baquerizo beside what you already listed?
      A: Yes you can walk there. Have a look at this link. That’s how you should be walking: http://goo.gl/jGXcHf

      2.) we are also hoping to find some work in the Galapagos do you have any tips? As walking around today we found it pretty difficult.
      A: I’d say paid work is impossible as the Galapagos islands are really strict. For voluntary opportunities you can ask Hotel Katarma or the farms in the highlands (https://goo.gl/kzY0JH). The woman working at the reception in Casa Blanca is also very nice, maybe there’s a chance too.
      But I think it’s very difficult as you’re already there. Because you have to get a special permit for the Galapagos and usually have to show that when entering. I’m not sure how it works when you’re already there. I got asked once to show this permit on the dock of San Cristobal as they already saw me many times and were wondering wether I’m staying illegally. The company you work for has to go to migration to apply for you to be able to stay.

      3.) in regards yo accomodation, do you know how we can find cheaper accomodation like an apartment or room to rent that do not charge hostel rates? To make it more affordable, you mention you had housing while working here?
      A: Ask around for Trudi, unfortunately I cannot contact her as I do not have any contact data. She is an ancestor of Margret Wittmer (one of the first settlers on Floreana Island). You probably find someone knowing her (e.g. Aline from Sharksky). The house is located when going along the malecon close to the entrance of the military zone. She has some rooms to rent and maybe you are lucky and she currently has space. But I cannot tell you how much it is as I got free accommodation via my work exchange

      4.) other than that do you have any advice of tips on Santa Cruz or Isabela like this feed on San Cristobal?
      A: Unfortunately I only stayed 2 days on Isabela and 3 on Santa Cruz, so the information in the post is all I can give you first hand

      I hope I could answer your questions and wish you good luck with your job search. Keep me updated please!

  14. Janice Perry

    Is it better to go to the Galapagos over Christmas or mid-Dec? Would you recommend spending a few days on the 3 popular islands and do day tours on each?

    1. Stef Post author

      I’d say mid-December if you want to spend a bit less. I mean it’s more or less the same season and it will be expensive but prices always rise during the Christmas days.
      Your itinerary depends on your expectations. Some people prefer traveling on a budget – then visit the Galapagos independently and travel to these three islands and do day tours or explore on your own. Some people prefer seeing a lot in a very short time and want to see uninhabited islands, then a cruise is best.

  15. Jeanine Aptman

    Do any of the restaurants use p;urified water to prepare their food?

    Also, Golden Bay hotel has offered roundtrip transfers from the airport for $24.00. That seems very high as you sayit should be around $1.00. Is this because the hotel is far from the airport? Do you recommend that we wait until we arrive and take a taxi instead?

    1. Stef Post author

      It’s a new luxury hotel which didn’t exist back when I was there in 2014. It might be that a taxi from the airport is a bit more expensive now but it won’t be 12 USD. I’d use a usual taxi if I were you. I just checked the location of the hotel and it’s not that far from the airport. Let me know how much a normal taxi cost by now in case you take one. It would interest me to know how prices changed in the last 2.5 years. Thank you and have an unforgettable trip!

  16. jeanine Aptman

    Thanks for the taxi info. We will take one from the airport instead of a transfer thru the hotel.
    You didn’t address my question of whether the restaurants use purified water to wash their produce, etc.

    1. Stef Post author

      Hi Jeanine, Sorry I forgot to answer that question. And I cannot really tell you anything as I do not know if they use purified water.

    1. Stef Post author

      Hi Jeanie, Sorry I didn’t address your question. I don’t know if the restaurants use purified water to wash their products.

  17. Yang qi

    Hi Stef
    Thanks much for your info, May I ask one question is, could we renta a water taxi to kicked rock, just for 2 hours tour, we just like to take sunset pictures there and do not snorking or diving there, could we and how can we book now? we are 11 people group, Thanks

    1. Stef Post author

      Hi Yang! I’m not sure if that’s possible. When are you going to be there? You can ask with Aline in Sharksky and say you come recommended by me. I worked with them 3 years ago. They definitely do private tours but I am not sure if that’s possible due to the regulations of the national park. Good luck!

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