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Bi-weekly travel inspiration #24

Apart from writing posts myself, I love reading what other travellers experience during their trips. These posts inspire me to travel even more and try to make the best out of my life. That is why every two weeks I want to share my top posts with you. I divide my favourite posts of the week in the categories: Wanderlust, Photography/Video, Inspiration/General Travel Talk, Food and German posts. This week you shouldn’t miss reading the following travel inspiration articles:

Top Posts Category Wanderlust:

  • The best spots on Iceland’s south coast by Our Oyster: Are you planning a roadtrip through Iceland? Here’s a great route for 3-4 days along its south coast.
  • The Do-it-yourself tour of Pompeii by Jdombs Travels: Jennifer suggests a great way to avoid taking a guided tour in Pompeii with heaps of people and to explore it on your own.
  • 6 Essential Jordan Travel Tips by Jessie on a journey: Cultural differences can often become an issue while travelling. Read Jessie’s post in order to know how to act, what to do and what to bring in Jordan.
  • 8 Great Things to do in Queensland Besides Surfing by The Planet D: Great ideas for your time in Queensland. Even though I spent some time in the area, I haven’t heard of every activity Planet D suggested. The Hollywood Stunt Academy sounds like a lot of fun.
  • 24 Hours in Bangkok by Dangerous Business: Bangkok is a layover for many people travelling to Asian countries or Oceania. Layovers are often connected with a limited amount of time. Amanda how to use your little time effectively and experience Bangkok.

Top Post Category Photography/Video: 

Top Posts Category Inspiration/General Travel Talk: 

Top Posts Category German:

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