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Bi-weekly travel inspiration #22

Apart from writing posts myself, I love reading what other travellers experience during their trips. These posts inspire me to travel even more and try to make the best out of my life. That is why every two weeks I want to share my top posts with you. I divide my favourite posts of the week in the categories: Wanderlust, Photography/Video, Inspiration/General Travel Talk, Food and German posts. This week you shouldn’t miss reading the following travel inspiration articles:

Top Posts Category Wanderlust:

  • Top 10 Places to Visit in Colombia by Discovering Ice: I do not know much about Colombia but this post definitely gives you a good idea of what to do in the country. Great advice as I will be in the area from September on.
  • Songkran Survival 101 by Cornishkylie: A festival that’s definitely on my bucket list is Songkran. It must be so much fun. Read Kylie’s post to get some tips for “surviving” the festival.

Top Posts Category Photography/Video: 

  • Vlogging Tips from Top Travel Vloggers by The Travel Hack: Monica put together some great advice for vlogging. If you want to upload some videos to your blog, have a look at them and learn.
  • 12 tips on night photography by Living in another language: Night photographs always look great if you know how to photograph at night. To learn how to do it right. Read the post of Amanda and practice as often as you get the chance to.

Top Posts Category Inspiration/General Travel Talk: 

  • How Solo Female Travel Made Me Stronger by The Planet D: Jessie wrote a very inspirational blog post for Planet D last week. This post is my favorite post of this bi-weekly travel inspiration, I highly recommend you reading it. I would sign everything Jessie wrote.
  • 10 safety tips for train and bus travel in India by Hippie in Heels: As safety is a big issue for many travellers to India, Rachel wrote a post on how to behave on bus and train trips in India. Rachel has been living in India for a few years now and she knows the country very well. So take her tips into consideration when you travel to India.
  • Backpacker Tips: How to Haggle like a Pro by Active Planet Travels: Oh yes, haggling is a thing I still have to learn and practice. If you are like me and your haggling skills have improvement potential, read the post!

Top Post Category Food:

  • Cooking Ugandan dishes by Hippie in Heels: Another post from Rachel this week. I really enjoyed reading the post as I always love to try new dishes and never really heard anything about Ugandan cuisine. Check it out, the food looks really tasty.

Top Posts Category German:

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