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Blog Boomerang: Travel questions you should ask yourself too

A few weeks ago, I read the blog post “Travel questions you should ask yourself too” on The Travel Tester. Nienke participated in a blog boomerang and invited others to answer some travel related questions on their blog as well. The blog boomerang included some very interesting questions, so I decided to join it as well. Here are my answers and I hope you participate too:

What is your most memorable travel experience? Why?
That’s definitely the toughest question ever. I made so many experiences during my trips, I don’t ever want to forget. An experience that made me really proud, because I overcame so much fear, was doing a skydive in Queenstown, New Zealand. I had never thought that I’m going to dare something like this but with a some convincing words and amazing weather conditions I did it. It was one of the greatest things I’ve done so far.


A highlight from last year was my 5-day trip to Istanbul. I’ve never made so many memories in just five days. My travel diary was overflowing with all the details we experienced. One funny but also annoying experience there was our carpet store story which probably many tourists have to experience.

sights in istanbul

An memorable experience number three (excuse me I cannot choose just one) are the Iguazu Waterfalls. I went to the Argenine and the Brazilian side and did a boat trip to the falls. It’s incredible how much power they radiate, especially the Garganta del Diablo.

versatile beauty of Argentina

What do you always carry with you on your trips?
That’s a quite easy question. I cannot travel without my Nikon DSLR which has now accompanied me for about five years and I hope it will work well for another few years. Since 2012 part of my carriage is always my Kindle Paperwhite. I was sceptical at first cause I’m a big fan of real books but if you travel long-term and do not want to carry books along the way, it’s the perfect invention. It’s super comfortable to read and you never have the impression of starring at a screen.

Where will you go when you are 60 years old? Who with?
I know that I will always enjoy travelling, it’s just part of my personality and I think I won’t ever stop it. When I’m older I’ll probably prefer travelling within Europe, so the distances aren’t so long anymore. I want to be around my friends and family.

What do you refer to as “creative travel”? Would you like to try it? And if so, where and how?
I would refer creative travel as everything which let the traveller get to know the culture of the destination in a creative way. For example taking part in classes like cooking, dancing or other things to immerse in a new culture. It’s not only about ticking off special sights of your list but really learning from the culture and about the destination.

20131110_180328Drinking Mate tea in Córdoba, Argentina

Your most beautiful travel experience with a local person?
The best experience I made so far was living with an Argentine family. I did a language course and an internship in Córdoba and lived with them. I always felt like being part of the family and had an amazing time. Last year, I was able to visit them again and it hopefully hasn’t been the last time.


What piece of advice would you give young people who want to travel?
People often say to me that they cannot imagine to travel solo. But in my opinion it’s a great thing to experience and everyone should at least try it once in his or her life. It’s just so different, you observe more, always get in contact with others, have to get out of your comfort zone quite a lot and you will definitely learn so much from it.

What is your personal limit on your travels? What would you still try or endure, where is your borderline?
In terms of activities, I guess I’d never do a bungee jump, I’m just so freaking scared of it and don’t see me doing it in a thousand years.
And generally in terms of travel, I would never go to places where there is a war going on or my safety is totally in danger, especially as a solo traveller.

bungeeFirst commercial bungee jump place in the world, New Zealand

What travel experience makes you feel really proud?
It makes me proud what travelling made out of myself. I think with the help of it I now know what I want to achieve in life and what really matters to me. I have become more open-minded and love to try new things. It’s simply helps me to get in the right direction somehow.

If you could board a plane tomorrow, where would it take you?
That’s definitely the toughest question. I’m dying to see Cuzco and do the Inca Trail, visit the Galapagos Islands and see all this nature and wildlife there, do my diving certificate in Mexico and explore the Mayan ruins but also visit some untouched beaches in Thailand or Indonesia. My next two smaller trips are already planned, I’m going to visit Prague in April and Morocco in June. And then from September on I’m going to be somewhere in Latin America for a while, first stop is probably Ecuador. And if I could board a plane tomorrow (knowing that I will be heading to Ecuador anyway in September), I would head to Mexico.

Your tastiest travel dish?
That probably sounds a bit lame but I cannot get enough of Argentine empanadas. I could always eat them. I also love Turkish Gözleme and Spanish Tortilla. I enjoy eating Mexican Tacos but I’ve never tried the real ones in Mexico as I haven’t been there yet. But that will hopefully change soon :).


What is your very own, personal travel philosophy?
I do not only travel to see places but to experience them. I think it’s important to really immerse in the culture: do some typical things for the country, try some local dishes and talk to locals. That’s how you experience a country for real.

Now it’s your turn, answer the questions on your blog and write down the link in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Boomerang: Travel questions you should ask yourself too

    1. Stef Post author

      The local markets were defintely a reason why Istanbul was so memorable too. All these spices, lamps, teas and sweets. I couldn’t get enough of strolling around these stalls.

    1. Stef Post author

      Hell yes, skydiving was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. Maybe we’ll meet on the road one day. What are your plans this year?

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