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Bi-weekly travel inspiration #21

Apart from writing posts myself, I love reading what other travellers experience during their trips. These posts inspire me to travel even more and try to make the best out of my life. That is why every two weeks I want to share my top posts with you. I divide my favourite posts of the week in the categories: Wanderlust, Photography/Video, Inspiration/General Travel Talk, Food and German posts. This week you shouldn’t miss reading the following travel inspiration articles:

Top Posts Category Wanderlust:

  • My Caveman Experience: Squatting With Gypsies In Spain by Expert Vagabond: A very interesting post about gypsies in Granada, Spain with impressive photographs.
  • 48 hours in Fez by A passion & a passport: That’s a post totally tailored for me as I’m heading to Morocco in May/June with about two days in Fez. Thanks Jess for giving me an overview of the city and on what to do.

Top Posts Category Photography/Video: 

Top Posts Category Inspiration/General Travel Talk: 

  • 6 steps to better travel health by Wanderlusters: You probably know the problem: When being on the road, you often don’t eat healthy and don’t do any sports at all except hiking and some outdoor activities. Charli helps you with her tips and tricks to stay healthy on the road.
  • How to explain long-term travel in a job interview by Matador Network: You want to travel long-term but are scared of what potential future employers might say to you afterwards? Read this post and get some ideas how you can explain yourself in a job interview.
  • Top tips for when you’re learning to scuba dive by The Travel Hack: I can totally relate to Monica cause I’ve never been the best swimmer and haven’t even snorkelled until about two years ago. This year I want to learn to dive even though I might be scared of being under water so long. But snorkelling amazed me so much that I totally want to give it a try. It’s a whole new world down there and I want to discover the beauty of the sea. Read Monica’s post if you feel the same, there is some pretty good advice in there.
  • Fear of Staying Put by Traveling 9 to 5: The article Caroline wrote is very worth reading. I can absolutely relate to her feelings. I always already know where to travel next when coming back from a trip. Being home for 1.5 years now with only small trips in between, makes me feel stuck sometimes.

Top Posts Category Food:

Top Posts Category German:

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