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Guest Post: 10 Unseen Amazing Swimming Holes in North America

There is nothing better than a relaxing natural spa to ward off stress, especially if you spend busy days and sleepless nights. Some swimming holes offer picturesque views to sooth your mind and body, while you may find some with waterfalls drumming on your head. Well, a very few places on earth is as beautiful and reviving as the following 10 unseen amazing swimming holes. So, get ready to plan your trip to visit one of them and explore the hidden beauty of nature.

1. Aztec Falls – San Bernardino National Forest, California

Situated in Southern California, Aztec falls are one of the best places for diving. Adjoining the massive falls is the huge rock, which is the favorite place for divers and swimmers. According to the locals, it is about 57 feet high with around 15 feet deep landing. If you are looking for a gentle dive, go for the sissy ledge which is 30 feet high and offer a moderate diving experience.  Talk to the locals and find out if there is any submerged obstacle in the water which may hurt you. The surrounding rocks and green conifers make the place no less than heaven on earth.

Photo Credit: Brenrub

2. Havasu Falls – Havasupai Indian Reservation, Arizona

Havasu falls is one of the major attractions of The Grand Canyon. Scenic beauty, splendid waterfalls along with creeks and pools of water makes this place best for hiking and camping. The water is assumed sacred by the local tribe or the Havasupai. Apart from this, you may enjoy a relaxing and peaceful day as the place does not get crowded by many visitors at a time. This is because reaching the 120 feet high Havasu falls is not easy. You may take helicopters or horses to reach the magnificent waterfalls or just indulge in an overnight hike to reach there. Make sure you are in good physical health and carry your food and water if you prefer hiking or riding a horse.

Photo Credit: Henrik Johansson

3. Cummins Falls – Cummins Falls State Park, Tennessee

Located in Southern Jackson County, the fall is 75 feet high and is known as the largest waterfall of Tennessee.  It is one of the best swimming holes and scenic spot for the locals. The waterfall constitutes two gradual drops. The first one ends in a shallow pool and has a height of 50 feet. The second drop cascades into the deep swimming hole and is about 25 feet high. The surrounding rocks and greenery makes the place scenic and outstanding.

Photo Credit: Doug S

4. Dorset Quarry – Vermont

If you are looking for a much bigger platform for diving, Dorset Quarry is the best place to visit. Even if the falls looks natural, you may notice the straight cut walls telling its story of being artificial or manmade. Being America’s first commercial marble quarry in 1975, it provided materials used for construction for buildings like New York Public Library. Later on, the water running down the quarry made this place favorite among divers and swimmers.

Photo Credit: Diane Cordell

5. Opal Pool – Willamette National Forest, Oregon

Opal Creek Wilderness and National Scenic Recreation Area spread across a huge land of 35000 acres. It was established in 1998 and is known for its magnificent display of beauty. The refreshing opal pool provides a good place to swim and dive on blistering summer days. The area is surrounded by huge trees, which are as old as 450 years. You may find some trees which are more than thousand years old. You may also be able to explore some immaculate streams for fun and adventure.

Photo Credit: Gary Randall

6. Hamilton Pool – Hamilton Pool Preserve, Texas

Situated about 23 miles west from Austin, Hamilton pool is a popular natural swimming hole. It was created by a sudden collapse of the underground river due to heavy erosion during a course of thousands of years. Large slabs of limestone surround the pool and a waterfall of around 50 feet height flows into the pool making the place as beautiful as heaven. You may also spot some stalactites hanging from the ceilings of the rocks. Massive cliffs covered with maidenhair ferns provide striking beauty to the area. You may soon find yourself stolen by the splendor of nature.

Photo Credit: Michael Ronsonette

7. Johnson’s Shut-Ins – Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, Missouri

Johnson’s Shut-Ins was created billions of years ago due to volcanic activities in the area. The igneous rocks were formed along with pink granites, which confined the flow of East Fork Black River. This resulted into shut-ins which are beautiful natural pools to swim and relax. The shut-in trail is 2 miles long, and you may explore the surrounding natural area for a fun filled adventure. Apart from this, the Johnson’s Shut-Ins State parks offers a walkway which takes you to an observation point for overlooking the beauty of Shut-Ins. You may also enjoy hiking, backpacking and biking in the Ozark Trails which crosses the park.

Photo Credit: Joylynn Graham

8. Pools of ‘Ohe’o – Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

Located in East Maui, Pools of ‘Ohe’o have magnificent display of waterfalls and natural pools. It is popular for cliff jumping and swimming, though special care should be taken while jumping to avoid injuries. The extravagant setting of waterfalls and the pools are a must visit for anyone who craves to dive in the world’s one of the most spectacular swimming holes.

Photo Credit: Steve St.Amand

9. Sooke Potholes – Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, British Columbia

Potholes or pools of polished rock make this place popular among tourists and locals. The formation of the Sooke Potholes took place 15000 years ago due to the action of glaciers, which carved the natural bedrock into the beautiful pools that are now considered one of the best swimming holes. Catch and release fishing in the Sooke River and other adventurous activities of the park are the main attraction of the area.

Photo Credit: Becky S

10. Sliding Rock – Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

Located in Western North Carolina, the spectacular sliding waterfall offers visitors to plunge down in the pool. The rock has been enjoyed as a natural slide by tourists and visitors since a long time. The slope is moderate and extends up to 60 feet, which meets the 6-7 feet deep pool below providing an excellent platform to descend in it, after a pleasant slide.

Photo Credit: Chuck Hilliard

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