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3 Day Uluru Camping Tour Part I

It took me some time to decide whether to head to Alice Springs or not due to the fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere and quite expensive to get there. “Is it worth to go there only to see a huge rock?” I asked myself. “YES! Do it!” I’d say to everyone who would ask me now. Yes it is expensive but it will be such a unique experience you will never forget.

You should not only visit Uluru and that’s it. Please, if you do go to Alice Springs book at least a 3-days-trip through the Outback. I did the 3 Day trip with Emu Run Tours . There is another tour company offering a similar tour but it is considered to be the absolute party tour (I cannot remember the name) and in my opinion such experiences shouldn’t be made with a party tour. But anyways, that’s your decision.

The Emu Run Tour costs 350 Australian Dollars with no additional costs. It includes the swags as you will sleep outside (best experience ever!), sleeping bags, hot showers, all meals and park entry fees.

I divided this tour in three posts in order to show you enough photos and share as much information with you as possible. So for now, let’s talk about Day 1 of the Uluru Camping Tour.

Let the Uluru Camping Tour begin!

We were picked up very early in the morning at 5.45 as the drive to Uluru is very long. You can actually do the Uluru as a day trip from Alice Springs. But please don’t do this.  This day trip is considered to be the longest day trip on earth and you will sit more than half of the tour in a bus.

On our way we played a game. The person who first sees the Uluru gets a chocolate bar. Well of course our guide knew that we wouldn’t see the real Uluru first. It was a huge toothbrush or at least it looked like one. Well, so the two girls who “saw the Uluru” had to buy a chocolate bar for our tour guide instead.

uluru camping tour

Totally red sand:

uluru camping tour

At the toothbrush we all tried some Australian Lamington fingers, a kind of cake with cocoa and desiccated coconut. Very, very tasty, I will try to bake it soon and then share the recipe with you.

Well, our first stop after lunch at our camping spot very close to Uluru was the Cultural Centre Uluru which gives you a lot of information on the Uluru and aboriginal culture.

First view of Uluru from our camping ground:

uluru camping tour

The magic rock

And then it was time to explore the huge, red rock thus time for our first hike. We got time to either do the 10.5 km Base Walk around the Uluru or get up the rock, enjoy the scenary and view and walk a smaller part of the trek. As you probably know, there’s a big discussion going on whether tourists should be able to go up there or not. Aboriginal people consider the Uluru as holy and do not want that people hike up that mountain. Since it’s an important site in their culture, I decided not to go up there, respect their culture and hike all around the rock instead.

The hike up the rock:

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour

Base Walk

The walk was very easy but interesting. Our tour guide accompanied us for the first few kilometres and explained some facts about aboriginal culture and the Uluru.

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour

During the hike, there are parts of the Uluru you weren’t allowed to take photos of. These restricted areas can be recognized by the crossed out cameras.

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour

Sunset Point

After doing the base walk we went to probably the most touristy spot I’ve ever been to: The Uluru Sunset Point. We arrived at the parking lot full of cars and busses and already saw heaps of people standing there watching the great rock changing its colour while drinking sparkling wine and eating crackers – an Australian style picnick. And what should I say…I loved it. We stood there, took pictures and gazed at this miracle of nature. It was one of the most impressive sunsets, I’ve ever seen and I really enjoyed the changing colours.

uluru camping tour

uluru camping tour
Our tour group:

uluru camping tour

A couple of drinks and crackers later we went back to our camping ground to have the actual dinner, again Australian style of course: Pasta and veggies on the barbie. Awesome. I didn’t know it is actually possible to put pasta on the barbie 😛 And it wasn’t the end of the day. Our guide made a campfire and we ended the day chatting around the campfire. When it was getting late, we all only had to jump in our swags to sleep. It was incredible. We laid in the middle of nowhere without any lights and fell asleep with the perfect starry sky above our heads.

It was an extraordinary day and it wouldn’t be the last one on that tour!

Don’t miss to read Part II and Part III of the Uluru Camping Tour.

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9 thoughts on “3 Day Uluru Camping Tour Part I

    1. Stef Post author

      Yes I think so too. When you go to Australia you shouldn’t miss out on Uluru. Soon, I’m going to publish part 2 and 3 of the camping tour.

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  7. Sarah

    Alice Springs is quite expensive compare to some place in Australia, but not too much. The difference is just small amount but the experience you will get there is incomparable.

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