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Bi-weekly Travel Inspiration #5

Travel Inspiration

Apart from writing posts myself, I love reading what other travellers experience during their trips. These posts inspire me to travel even more and try to make the best out of my life. That is why every two weeks I want to share my top posts with you. I divide my favourite posts of the week in the categories: Wanderlust, Photography/Video, Inspiration/General Travel Talk, Food and German posts. This week you shouldn’t miss reading the following articles:

Top Posts Category Wanderlust:

Top Posts Category Photography/Video:

  • Arches National Park of Utah | Photo Essay by Active Planet Travel: I just talked with my mum about the Arches National Park and that I want to visit it and then a couple of days later, Active Planet Travel published a post with photos of it! I loved the photos, they even increased my desire to visit this National Park
  • Landscape Photography Tips by Planet D: Some really helpful tips if you want to improve your landscape photography skills
  • London in the Sunshine by A dangerous business: London in the sunshine – that’s something you are rarely able to expierence, Amanda from A dangerous business were lucky when she got there the third time and was able to take some pretty photos
  • Finding Your Photographic Style by The Polar Route: Ed’s opinion on photographic style and some advice on finding your own style

Top Posts Category Inspiration/ General Travel Talk:

Top Post Category Food:

  • Empanadas: Three Ways. by The World Wanderer: I so much love empanadas since I’ve been to Argentina, this year I will definitely try the Chilean version of empanadas, maybe I try one of these recipes at home before heading to Chile

Top Posts Category German:

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4 thoughts on “Bi-weekly Travel Inspiration #5

  1. Ron | Active Planet Travels

    Yeah Arches National Park is absolutely breathtaking. I wouldn’t recommend visiting there during the summer time like I had during my road trip (it’s just WAY too hot). Go during the winter and be sure to take lots of water. The best pictures are going to be early in the morning when the sun is just rising or during the evening when the landscape reflects that “glowing” aspect of the setting day. 🙂 BTW thanks for the shout out! 😉

    1. Stef Post author

      yes, true that’s actually the hard part, I tried Argentine empanadas a few times and they always looked a bit funny 😛

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