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Bi-weekly Travel Inspiration #4

Travel Inspiration

Apart from writing posts myself, I love reading what other travellers experience during their trips. These posts inspire me to travel even more and try to make the best out of my life. That is why every two weeks I want to share my top posts with you. I divide my favourite posts of the week in the categories: Wanderlust, Photography/Video, Inspiration/General Travel Talk, Food and German posts. This week you shouldn’t miss reading the following articles:

Top Posts Category Wanderlust:

  • South Australia Highlights by Our Oyster: As written in the post South and Western Australia are often skipped by travellers. But why is that? Hopefully Jade convinces some people on travelling to South Australia with the help of her post (I so much wanna go to Kangaroo Island!!)
  • Cycling around Nha Trang, Vietnam by The Road to anywhere: People who know me know that I’m not a big cycling person but sometimes it’s just the easiest and most suitable way to get to know the city as apparently in Nha Trang

Top Posts Category Photography/Video:

  • Photo Essay: Fjord Fun in Norway – Norway in a Nutshell by LL World Tour: Norway – a country full of natural beauty. Lisa took some photos of it which will definitely increase your Norway wanderlust
  • La Vita è Bella a Bologna by Aviators and a camera: I totally love the atmosphere of Bologna (at least I think I would love it). Life is apparently good in Bologna so enjoy the photos
  • Jordan’s Dead Sea by Seattle’s Travels: Must be funny to swim or simply go in the dead sea, beautiful scenary included. wanna try that one day 🙂
  • How to Take Good Photos in Bad Weather by Travelettes: Cordula gave some good advice in case the weather doesn’t play along on your travels and you wanna take good photos anyway

Top Posts Category Inspiration/ General Travel Talk:

Top Post Category Food:

Top Posts Category German:

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